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Joe Biden fell to the ground and hit his head during a bike ride

Joe Biden fell off his bike while taking a morning walk

This Saturday the American president, Joe Biden, He had another accident in public. This time I know fell from a bicycle while trying to get down.

The accident happened in Delaware, where he was resting for the weekend. She quickly got up and said: “I’m fine”.

Joe Biden fell from his bicycle while taking a morning walk (Instagram /)

In the video you can see how the US president falls during a morning bike ride with his wife Jill in Rehoboth Beacha town near the sea where he normally spends his weekends in summer.

After the accident that caused concern among those present, Joe Biden spoke with journalists. “I’m fine”, he assured and got up quickly.

The fall of the president generated concern (Instagram /)

Concern grows in Democratic Party for the various accidents that the president has been involved in.

A few months ago the fall of Joe Biden down the stairs of an airplane.

Then, in another episode, after finishing a speech at a university, he turned around and held out his hand as if to greet someone, even though he was totally alone on stage. President he walked disoriented around the room and had to assist him.

The video of the fall of Joe Biden

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