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Joe Biden tested negative for Covid-19, but will remain in isolation

United States President Joe Biden.


United States President Joe Biden.

Photo: CNN

The American president evolved favorably at all times and presented only “very mild symptoms”according to the White House.

The case of Biden, who has the complete vaccine schedule Y two booster doses against the coronavirus, served the US administration to encourage the population to become immunized.

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Biden announced the July 21 who had been infected with Covid-19, six days later a test was done in which he gave negative and the next day, July 27, came out of isolation. However, after four consecutive days of negative results in the coronavirus test, an antigen test -carried out last Saturday- showed that the virus was still present in the president’s bodyso he went back into isolation.

O’Connor said that cases of “rebound” of positivity are common among those, like the president, who were treated with Paxlovidthe anti-coronavirus pill Pfizer.


to their 79 yearsthe American president falls into the category of people at risk of developing a severe case of the disease. However, the White House tried reassure the population about their state of health and their ability to govern, even in isolation.

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