Joe Biden tested negative for covid-19

The US president, Joe Biden, tested negative this Saturday in the covid-19 test that was carried out after having remained positive for several days, but will remain in isolation as a precautionaccording to the last medical part.

“The president continues to feel very well,” White House physician Kevin O’Connor explained in an official statement detailing that he will continue to be isolated until a second test is negative.

The US president evolved favorably at all times and presented only “very mild symptoms”, reported from the White House.

The case of Biden, who It has the complete schedule of the vaccine and two booster doses against the coronavirus, served the US administration to encourage the population to become immunized.

Biden announced that he had been infected with covid-19 on July 21, six days later he took a test in which he was negative and the next day, on July 27, he came out of isolation.

However, after four consecutive days of negative results in the coronavirus test, last Saturday an antigen test showed that the virus was still present in the president’s bodyso he went back into isolation.

O’Connor noted that cases of “rebound” positivity are common among those wholike the president, were treated with Paxlovid, Pfizer’s anticovid pill.

At 79 years old, the American president falls into the category of people at risk of developing a serious case of the disease. However, the White House tried to reassure the public about his health and his ability to govern, even in isolation.

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