Joe Biden (Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)
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Joe Biden became the first president of the United States this Sunday to turn 80 during his term.

However, the date was celebrated with particular discretion and his age is the subject of debate before a possible re-election and some episodes of confusion that he has experienced in recent months.

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Biden is a few years older than some of the oldest presidents the United States has had in its history. Donald Trump left the White House at the age of 74 and ronald reagan he left office after his two terms at 77.

Just after noon, his wife Jill Biden He posted an affectionate message with photos of the couple dancing in ball gowns. “There’s no one else I want to dance with. Happy birthday Joe! I love you,” the first lady wrote on Twitter.

Joe Biden’s 80th birthday did not go unnoticed at the White House

The president celebrated his birthday in Washington with a brunch organized by his wife, according to the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. Biden’s family members were expected to attend.

On Saturday, the White House received 250 guests for the wedding of his granddaughter Naomi, where the press was not available.

Joe Biden (Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)By: REUTERS

His granddaughter is part of the closest family with whom Biden would discuss the possibility of launching a 2024 presidential bid.

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For now, the president repeats that he “intends” and that he would make the announcement at the beginning of 2023, although according to various polls, the majority of Americans reject the idea that he aspires to re-election.

Joe Biden turned 80: generational change and health

Although it’s not unusual to find political figures in the United States older than 70 or 75, the midterm elections have marked a generational shift in his party.

For example, the prominent Democrat Nancy PelosiThe 82-year-old resigned Thursday from a new run for her term as speaker of the House of Representatives.

The US president analyzes seeking re-election
The US president analyzes seeking re-election

About a year ago, President Biden underwent a thorough physical that found him to be “vigorous” and in “good health.”

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But Joe Biden carries, like his predecessors, the weight of a grueling position. His gait has stiffened and he has suffered a few moments of confusion. In case of being re-elected, Biden would be 86 years old at the end of his second term.

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