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Joe Biden: Ukraine is fighting for Hungary in 1956

Joe Biden: Ukraine is fighting for Hungary in 1956

In his speech, the President of the United States said that Russian President Vladimir Putin thought that the Ukrainians would drop their weapons and not fight, but that Russian forces had met with resistance from the proud Ukrainians.

Apart from the brutality committed, there is no doubt that the war is already a strategic defeat for Russia.

The US president said, adding that the Russians had not dismantled NATO, the West is now stronger and more united than ever. Russia wanted NATO to reduce its presence at its borders, instead Putin faced the largest European presence to date, reaching more than 100,000 U.S. and other Allied troops, Joe Biden said.

Biden stressed, however, that preparations must be made for a long struggle in the war in Ukraine, but the United States is in favor of the Ukrainians. The American president recalled St. II. He emphasized the role of Pope John Paul and the Polish Solidarity Movement in overthrowing communism and then referring to the war in Ukraine: “In the current battle, we will not win in days or months, we must prepare for a long struggle.”

Ukraine is fighting for Hungary in 1956

Recalling a meeting with leaders of the Ukrainian Foreign and Defense Ministry in Warsaw on Saturday, Biden said his message to the Ukrainians was the same as he shared with Dmitro Kuleba and Alexei Reznikov.

We stand by you. Point

– he stated, adding that the resistance of the Ukrainians is part of the struggle for the principles of democracy and freedom, which unites the free peoples of the world. This, in turn, has always been attacked by the enemies of democracy, seeing the fighting in Kiev, Meritopol and Kharkiv as the latest battles in a long-running struggle.

Hungary in 1956, Poland in 1956 and then in 1981, Czechoslovakia in 1968. Soviet tanks suppressed the democratic uprisings, but the resistance continued until the Berlin Wall finally collapsed in 1989, the walls of Soviet rule collapsed, the people won

– said Biden, who also said to the Russians, as the Russian people are not an enemy, the American president does not believe that the Russians would celebrate the deaths of innocent children and people.

Putin is a butcher, Biden has nothing to decide

Following official Polish-American talks, Joe Biden visited the National Refugee Administration Center in Warsaw on Saturday afternoon, accompanied by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. At a brief news conference in the stadium, the U.S. president told a journalist about the bombing of Mariupol: Putin was a butcher, and in his speech he also said he could not stay in power.

Ukraine cannot be a victory for Russia. And for God’s sake, this man can’t stay in power

Said the US President.

The Kremlin did not expect much in response, with Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov saying it is remarkable to hear such words from Bident, who called for the bombing of Serbia in 1999 during the Kosovo war; he called for the killing of people. The spokesman also added that it was not Biden’s job to decide who would be Russia’s leader.

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(Cover image: US President Joe Biden will give a speech in the foyer of the Royal Palace in Warsaw on March 26, 2022. Fotó: MTI / AP / Evan Vucci)

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