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On the front page of the press, this Wednesday, June 15, the duel at a distance between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whose formations are neck and neck at the end of the first round of the legislative elections. The last-minute cancellation of a flight meant to deport asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda. Joe Biden’s announced visit to Saudi Arabia. And summery Crocs.

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In the headlines: the remote duel between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, five days before the second round of the legislative elections.

If it’s not a third presidential round, it looks like it furiously. While their formations are neck and neck, the president and the leader of the Nupes, the left alliance, clash through the media. Emmanuel Macron, from the tarmac at Orly, before his departure yesterday for Romania, with a speech “prepared urgently”, according to Le Figaro. The president calls for a “republican start” to preserve his majority in the assembly and declares that “nothing would be worse than adding French disorder to world disorder”. “Chaos is Macron”, replies Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in an interview with the Parisian/Today in France. The boss of France Insoumise appeals to the 25 million French people who abstained from voting in the first round, so that Nupes wins a majority at the Palais Bourbon next Sunday.

Arrived at the top of the first round in his constituency, the Minister of Solidarity, Damien Abad, is the subject of new accusations of sexual assault. The info site Mediapart says he has collected new testimonies questioning his behavior with women, including that of a centrist elected official, who denounces an attempted rape in 2010. Damien Abad, already accused of rape by two women, shortly after his appointment, refutes these new accusations, “just as unfounded”, according to him, as the previous ones and denounces “the carefully chosen calendar of these publications”, five days, therefore, before the second round of the legislative elections.

Also in the headlines was the cancellation, last night, at the very last minute, by the European Court of Human Rights, of a flight supposed to deport asylum seekers from the United Kingdom to Rwanda. This setback for the British government is greeted with relief and bitterness by The Daily Mirrorwho sees in this affair a “cruel joke”, played by the conservatives on the backs of the refugees – seven of whom were to take place yesterday in a specially chartered plane at a staggering cost, estimated at 500,000 pounds, according to the tabloid.

The conservatives, on the other hand, fulminate against the decision of the European Court. The Daily Mail delivers his version of the day yesterday. At 7:36 a.m., an inflatable boat full of migrants came dangerously close to a supertanker in the English Channel, at the risk of being overturned. And a few hours later, at 10:05 p.m., very precisely, “the United Kingdom’s plan to end this deadly traffic was sabotaged by the intrusive judges in Strasbourg”. Question from the tabloid: “Where is the humanity in this?”.

The UK’s decision to outsource the file of asylum seekers in Rwanda is denounced by Peter Brookes, with a drawing published by The Times where members of Boris Johnson’s government boarded a Rwanda Airlines plane: “The only moral way to fill a one-way ticket from the UK”, according to the cartoonist. Dave Brown is on flight TRU55, where Foreign Minister Liz Truss acts as a stewardess: “The climate outside is undemocratic, the local time is indifference. And we haven’t left the UK yet,” she said. A drawing published by The Guardian.

There were also many reactions this morning to the announcement of Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia next month. The “about-face” of the American president, who had promised before his election to treat the kingdom as a “pariah” state, is greeted with irony by The Wall Street Journal “Who would have thought? The United States needs allies in the Middle East”. The American daily believes that Joe Biden’s reversal would have been “less embarrassing” if he had been “more realistic from the start”, instead of “bowing to the disdain of the left towards Riyadh”.

The Wall Street Journalwho acts as a lawyer for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – presented as an admittedly “disreputable ally by American standards”, in particular because of his alleged complicity in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but also as a leader who would have brought “a level of social reform never before seen, including in the area of ​​women’s rights”. The Financial Times he sees above all in Joe Biden’s volte-face the proof of the “energy dilemma of the West”, in particular of the United States, forced by the war in Ukraine to obtain more supplies from autocratic regimes, “a Faustian pact” , according to the British daily.

Finally, Le Figaro reports on a study which indicates that nearly four in ten respondents, 38%, say that they sometimes deliberately avoid the news, compared to only 27% in 2017. Results which represent a real challenge for us journalists , who tend to consider the most important subjects, wars, political crises and other pandemics, to be precisely the ones that seem to act as foils for our beloved viewers. You want lightness? Never mind. Before I let you go, I’m going to share with you this essential info – at least for Crocs fans: the release of a model of Crocs on the theme of Margaritas, summer cocktail if ever there was one. This design includes six charms: a tiny paper umbrella, a faux ice cube, a parrot bottle opener, a tumbler, and a salt shaker. To be fashionable and totally comfortable on hot summer days. unearthed in Food and Wine.

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