Johnny Depp could reappear in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
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Johnny Depp could reappear in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Captain Jack Sparrow became famous for never giving up and getting out of the most hopeless situations. Apparently, Johnny Depp took the best from his hero. And, having coped with the crazy showdown with his ex-wife, he practically regained his reputation and began to return to creative life.

He sells his own paintings and appears to be successfully negotiating a return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, from which Depp was removed in a toxic lawsuit against Amber Heard. But the comeback became possible after the Hollywood actress, pretending to be a poor lamb, publicly embarrassed herself when she tried to cause fake tears in court, admitted that she had put a heap on her husband’s pillow, deceived the jury, and so on.

Johnny masterfully took advantage of the situation. First, he nobly declared that Hurd would not demand money from the impoverished. Secondly, having raised the stakes to the maximum due to the riveted attention, he continued negotiations with the Disney company, which invited him to return to Pirates of the Caribbean even before the trial. There is no better time to choose!

The British press began to write massively that the shooting of the continuation of the pirate franchise will begin in the kingdom in the winter of 2023. And Depp allegedly appears not only in the casting list, but also in the list of producers. If this is not a duck, then Johnny has a chance to negotiate almost the largest contract of his entire career. After all, he used to allow a return to the cult series of films and the forgiveness of those who canceled it, for no less than 300 million dollars (18 billion rubles).

“Company representatives contacted the actor even before his trial with Amber Heard and asked if he wanted to return to another one or two films about pirates,” insiders told the press. “It’s about Johnny Depp starring as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and a spin-off Disney Plus series about the youth of the captain of the Black Pearl.

For now, the working title of the new painting is “A Day at Sea”. No plot or any other details have been revealed. It is only known that Bruce Hendrix will become the producer of the new part of the Pirates of the Caribbean – he worked on the first three parts of the film.

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