Santilli and Ritondo

The appointment, with only two witnesses – one on each side – was on Tuesday at noon. On the first floor, in a wooden room separated from the rest of the restaurant, the PRO deputies Diego Santilli Y Christian Ritondo They got together for lunch to iron out some rough edges that had arisen in the last month and polish the rules of the game with which they will compete to be the candidate of Together for Change in the Province.

The Spanish food restaurant Main Square It was the place chosen by the Peronists of the most recognized PRO to reach a kind of reconciliation. They came from weeks of jerks: armed politicians crossed in the municipalities, notes in the media and discrepancies in how each one followed his campaign confronted them with two leaders who have known each other for more than 25 years when they were part of the Peronist Youth of the nineties.

The conclave, which lasted about three hours without cell phones, was put together by the Buenos Aires undersecretary Robert Quattromano and the vice president of Banco Ciudad, Fernando “the Turk” Eliastwo historical Peronists who respond to Ritondo and Santilli respectively.

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When the two deputies arrived they avoided the subject: small talk without fanfare until “the Turk” Elías broke the ice. There, Colorado expressed to the head of the PRO Front bloc in Deputies his displeasure at several notes in the media that, in his opinion, had been encouraged by the former Buenos Aires Security Minister and his entourage. “Stop fucking bigheaded, we’ve been friends for so many years”, Santilli shot him. “I never spoke ill of you in a medium, look for all the notes where I spoke”answered Ritondo.

There was also talk of the autonomous construction of each one. In places where there are mayors of Together for Change who do not have an agreement with the former Buenos Aires Security Minister, Santilli usually arrives and vice versa. But there is a league of mayors who approve of both. Many others – the majority – who raised their hands Horacio Rodriguez Larreta for the presidential elections next year. Although they will opt for silence for a while longer.

Asado between Santilli and Ritondo.

In this setting, while they savored an appetizer of prawns and artichoke hearts, Santilli and Ritondo relaxed and recovered the good humor that characterized them in politics. In fact, They make good imitations of each other.

Now for the haddock, as the main dish, the talk was pleasant. They agreed to hold a tacit agreement to accompany each other, to have clear rules without blows between them for an inmate and to end up supporting “the one who arrives best”. They both hold that the polls smile at them. Those that the City has today give a wide margin of difference to the Colorado.

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Perhaps for this reason, ten days ago Ritondo showed himself with Patricia Bullrich in La Matanza. That photo was also part of the lunch in Plaza Mayor: “It was a security issue, it had to be there,” argued Ritondo, who that day was also accompanied by two close national deputies such as Alexander Finocchiaro Y Gabriela Besana. With these two, in addition, he shares the privileged bond with Maria Eugenia Vidal.

In any case, the agreement implies that, in addition, at least once a month they will travel together and will be in different municipalities so as not to show cracks. Quattromano and Elías promised to coordinate agendas. And, in the territory, it will be part of the work that the provincial deputy will also have to articulate Alex Campbell (who accompanies Ritondo in all acts and tours) with the former santillista legislator, Agustin Forchieri. The discomfort of their political bosses also flowed over them.

Santilli and Ritondo
The referents of the PRO on tour in the province.

In this sense, on Tuesday they plan to take a photo together: it will be in Lobos with JxC leaders.

Although the quarrels existed, they were momentary: on March 4 of this year they had traveled together to Zárate with Matthias Ranziniritondista provincial deputy, and the local councilor Marcelo Matzkin, who is heading to fight for the administration led by the kirchnerista Osvaldo Caffaro.

A week later, on March 12, they were also together in Mar del Plata with the local mayor, Guillermo Montenegro (who launched, in an unusual way, the idea of ​​being a candidate for governor when he even won the PASO of 2021 in his electoral section) . He also participated that day in a tour of the Fragata Libertad, the provincial senator Alexander “the Russian” Rabinovich. And also that weekend they smiled and took photos at the Fiesta del Ternero in Ayacucho, where they were seen roaring with laughter cutting meat.

Santilli and Ritondo
Santilli and Ritondo in dialogue with merchants.

Despite this, the agendas of both remain autonomous. Today Ritondo was in Moreno – he came from Carmen de Patagones where he joined Hernan Lombardi, the deputy closest to Mauricio Macri – and Santilli, after passing through Olavarría yesterday with Nestor Grindetti, the mayor of Lanús, and the local, Ezequiel Galli, went to Mar del Plata to be at the Civic Coalition Convention, invited by Elisa Carrio. Both seek to add to their Buenos Aires path.


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