The first film of

One of the best movies and performances that 2020 left us was joker with Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips. This new adaptation, which led the actor to win his first Oscar for best actorin one of the shortlists that it was known from the beginning that he had no competition, Several sensitive issues of society were touched on in terms of discrimination, mental illness, violence, among others.

The film was so well achieved, for its psychological and social side, where a man who tries to achieve stardom fails and a cataract of situations ends up turning him into the emblematic enemy of Batman, who the fans demanded from the first day that a second part be made.

The first movie of the “Joker” played by Joaquin Phoenix was released in 2019.

However, after the failures of the latest “Batman vs Superman” and “Justice League” movies, Warner executives were very hesitant to continue launching mega productions where they had to put millions that would never come back. “Joker” was a relief and a respite for a producer totally devastated and trampled by the counter, Marvel who took everything with his Avengers.

What is known so far about Joker 2

So far not much is known about the plot of the second, but there are several details that are shaping the new film. Todd Phillips will be the director again of the second part, after presenting his Batman with Robert Pattinson. Likewise, Joaquín Phoenix will be the protagonist again and Lady Gaga joins.

The singer herself was the one who communicated this latest news from her official Twitter account, where you can see a small video and confirmation of the film’s release date. “Joker: Folie à Deux” wrote the singer and the premiere will be on October 4, 2024.

Lady Gaga will be part of this second Joker movie.

Lady Gaga will be part of this second Joker movie.

On the other hand, from The Hollywood Reporter they argued that this The new Joker movie would be a musical and for that reason they also added the singer. However, fans are still waiting to learn more about one of the darkest characters in comics and that he has a universe in his head that can still be explored even more.

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