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The current Minister of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, referred to the political news of the country and, among other things, stated that the version given by Agustín Rossihead of the Federal Intelligence Agency on the Venezuelan-Iranian plane he “seemed a little serious” and is concerned, because the official provided an appreciation. In this context, he added that, since it was not information, he “could have said anything else and it had the same value.”

In dialogue with the program News Politics TV of Subway ChannelJorge Macri expressed that “The thing about the Venezuelan plane with Iranians is not a coincidence”. The city official said that Rossi’s statements must be put into context, taking into account the behavior of the government, in terms of foreign relations.

In this framework, he stated: “A few days ago, the President was defending regimes like Venezuela, pondering Maduro. Maduro thanked him from Iran for the gesture, and we had a plane that we did not know had arrived, full of Venezuelans and Iranians. It’s not by chance”.

Another Venezuelan plane linked to Iran is on its way to Buenos Aires

It is worth mentioning that the Boeing 747, arrived at the Ezeiza airport on June 6, after stopping in Córdoba, due to the poor visibility that day, caused by the fog. She then tried to refuel in both Ezeiza and Montevideo, but was not allowed.

After that, the National Directorate of Migration reported several alerts from the United States that reported that various sanctions weighed on that aircraft for alleged links with the Iranian revolutionary guard. The information also reached Airport Security Police, who informed the Argentine Federal Justice.

Criticism of the Government

Asked about the last known inflation data, for the month of May, which resulted in 5.1%, Jorge Macri said that “people can’t stand the level of impoverishment. Number more, number less… on a day-to-day basis, inflation is even higher”. Furthermore, he opined thatThe middle class today has no marginhas stopped consuming things, has withdrawn their children from a private school, or has stopped paying a club fee.

In addition, to exemplify the situation to which he was referring, he said that in the framework of a “Cold Operation” (in which food is delivered to homeless people), they stopped at Plaza Italia, a place where people coming back from their jobs at rush hour converge, and they were surprised to see “the number of people who lined up to take some food, and said ‘if I hadn’t had this today, when I get home I have a cooked mate and a piece of bread’. It was tremendous, and it was people who came back from work”.

Jorge Macri: “I don’t see Mauricio focused on being a candidate, but as a mentor”

Regarding economic management at the national level, Jorge Macri said “This is a government that does not believe in the development of the private sector, it does not celebrate it.” Furthermore, he added that “The Government persecutes those who undertake and develop”. On the other hand, he pointed out that he does not remember any relevant event of the national administration and attributes it to the fact that the government “has no plan, it has no north, it does not give us certainty, it does not take us anywhere”.

On the other hand, consulted about his vision of social plans, the Buenos Aires official assured: “We have to break with this logic that a plan replaces employment”. “You have to find a bridge, a link between a plan and arrival at workcoexistence with a formal job, the possibility that the popular economy can also develop without losing social plans”, he said, and indicated that this is the plan they have from their political space.

Internal PRO | María Eugenia Vidal has already chosen a candidate for governor in the province of Buenos Aires

To close, in relation to the presidential elections of 2023, the Minister opined: “within the Pro, we have to try to find a single candidacy, not divide ourselves among ourselves”. And he added that “Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) is preparing, he clearly has a will, a vocation, he travels the country, he has the ability to consolidate and lead teams. He has very good chances.”

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