Chilavert scored one of the most epic goals in the history of Argentine football.

Jose Luis Felix Chilavert, the former goalkeeper of the Paraguayan National Team and Vélez Sarsfield in the ’90s and ’00s, he will be a presidential candidate for his country.

Multi-champion with Vélez, now the Paraguayan wants to succeed in politics.

It will be presented through the Youth Party (PJ) in the 2023 elections. This was made official through the PJ’s social networks. In turn, it was confirmed that the vice president is the education specialist, Sofía Scheid.

“We trust him, for his courage and for his patriotism. He always defended and gave everything for the beloved tricolor, and today, more than ever, Paraguay needs a leader who does not hesitate, who is honest and who will give the last of his strength to win”, were the statements about the candidacy that appeared on the PJ’s Facebook.

At the same time, the political party that Chilavert will defend also did the same with its candidate, despite an adverse legal situation that the former goalkeeper is going through: “Despite a judicial issue, it is presented, as Chila always spoke of a humble and independent Party, that is the Youth Party.”

Chilavert’s candidacy for the presidency

To run, and faithful to his direct style, Chilavert commented that despite being “difficult”, he has “a team made up of honest people who are not contaminated by dirty politics.”

It is worth mentioning that last January, the ex-soccer player presented his “indeclinable” resignation to the Colorado Party and, therefore, presented himself as an independent. A posteriori, in April, he commented that he was preparing with a view to presenting a new political party, which according to him has the characteristic of “young”.

CONTROVERSIAL.  Chilavert came out to hit Marchi very hard.  (Clarion)

Chilavert assured “not to be contaminated by dirty politics.”

His candidacy for the presidency of Paraguay will seek to combat corruption, in addition to impunity.

Chilavert’s legal situation

Not too distant in time, and for the Last May 25, José Luis Félix Chilavert was found guilty of defaming the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, for which he was sentenced to one year in prison, with a temporary suspension of the sentence. that weighs on him, the latter because it only connotes the “defamation” that he would have done.

However, Alejandro Domínguez had requested two years in prison for the former goalkeeper, in addition to an economic recomposition. Meanwhile, the Paraguayan’s defense requested acquittal for slander and defamation.

José Luis Chilavert sets his sights on the April 2023 elections and is running for president.

José Luis Chilavert sets his sights on the April 2023 elections and is running for president.

The date for elections is agreed for April 30, 2023where the president, governors, legislators and other authorities in the neighboring country will be elected.

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