José Luis Espert asked to "put a bullet" into the "pseudomapuches" and they denounced him criminally

The deputy for Avanza Libertad, José Luis Espert, asked “imprison” either “put a bullet” to the “pseudomapuches” and received a criminal complaint by a provincial legislator. The meeting between the liberal economist and Mariano Mansilla -a referent of the Neuquén Union (UNE)- took place on Twitter.

Last Tuesday, Espert answered questions from followers on Instagram and transferred one of them to the little bird’s platform. “Today in Instagram stories I was asked how I would resolve the situation of the pseudo-Mapuche in our Patagonia.. I answered in this video,” the tweet reads.

The answer was the following: “I think we have to declare a state of siege in that area, imprison or shoot the Mapuches if they resist. they’re not really Mapuches. They are fake Mapuche. Those who are there are terrorists”.

Mansilla then proceeded to formalize an accusation against the former presidential candidate for the crimes of public intimidation (art. 212 of the CP) and apology of the crime (Art. 213 of the CP). The legal action was also sponsored by doctors Juan Kairuz and Emanuel Guagliardo.

In addition to considering that Espert’s statements constitute a crime, Mansilla believed that the deputy is doing nothing more than “stigmatize the Mapuche people and profoundly ignore their culture”. “In Neuquén there are more than 60 Mapuche communities, all peaceful. There are no enemies in this land“, complete.

Regarding the penalties with which to weigh on the economist, the first of the articles -212 of the Penal Code- states: “Whoever publicly incite collective violence against groups of people or institutions, by mere incitement.”

For its part, the article that follows dictates: “It will be punished with imprisonment from one month to one year, whoever publicly and by any means advocates a crime or someone convicted of a crime”. However, that seemed not to be enough to intimidate the leader of Avanza Libertad.

“Find a decent job, Mansilla”, retorted in the same publication in which he shares the video, words that were answered. “I have been working since I was a kid, look for me at the AFIP. He has been practicing a liberal profession for 25 years. What does it have to do with you asking for a bullet? It’s a crime. Don’t hide in the fueros,” replied Mansilla.

Without avoiding the discussion, Espert counterattacked: “You don’t see great work in the private sector on your CV. Yes, a lot of Mapuche defense, unions, councilors, provincial and national deputies, etc. Working on the taxes paid by the taxpayer you love. In any case, use my privileges to litigate with you? They laugh at me to the balls”.

“You are unpresentable and a shame as a deputy”closed to receive a final reply from the Neuquén legislator: “Nobody questions you for giving an opinion about the Mapuches, I chose your political fetishes in freedom and may you be happy! But saying ‘you have to shoot the Mapuches’ falls under two criminal conducts”.

It was not until two days later -last Thursday- of the tense exchange that he maintained on Twitter that Espert endorsed his statements once again: “I do not regret. I ratify. We go to trial and in jail if the Justice decides. Private property and good working people are defended seriously and with everything”.

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