José Mujica holds popular consultation on the LUC in Uruguay

The former president of Uruguay, José “Pepé” Mujica, exercised this Sunday his right to vote in the referendum on the repeal of 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC), and he believed that a popular consultation such as the one on this day allows democracy to continue to refine itself.


Referendum begins in Uruguay to repeal 135 articles of the LUC

After casting his vote in a school in Cerro, Montevideo (capital), the also former senator considered that future times will come in which the political maturity of society, in the context of a digital civilization, “probably resources like this are going to be consultations almost systematic”.

He valued that the election day becomes “a party of democracy; whenever the people are called to decide it is an institutional progress because many people say I am not interested in politics, it is a political vision”.

He believed that Uruguay is not realizing that it is facing what he called a change of era and that the future belongs to a knowledge society.

For this reason, he said that if the country does not want to alienate itself from this model and become an irrelevant nation and lag behind developed societies, it must invest in developing the knowledge of future generations.

He assured that “a country is going to express the average quality of its own population,” and warned that this issue is not managed from a central bureaucracy that orders and directs, because “each school is a world,” he said.

He criticized that they want to fix education from above. In that sense, he pointed out that it is transcendental that the people take care of their own education and find mechanisms so that people take charge from below to take care of this capital.

Regarding the campaign prior to the referendum, Mujica stated that “it is the first time that a President gets involved in an electoral campaign”, alluding to the appearance of the current president, Luis Lacalle Pou, on March 24, when he urged citizens to not vote in favor of repealing the 135 articles in question.

Mujica argued that the President “is not just the government” and that the population elects governments, not presidents, not monarchs. “We are democracies of parties, of collective forces; we tend to symbolize things around a figure, but there are no magicians in this story,” he observed.

In this sense, he affirmed that the image (for that of President Luis Lacalle Pou) is extremely important, but added that “the image remains and the realities remain.”

He said that after the result of the referendum “there is no victory or defeat,” and said that he will wait for the result at his ranch, along with his wife, former vice president and former senator Lucía Topolansky, who also cast the vote on Cerro this morning. Sunday.

The former Uruguayan president said that he has to take great care of himself at 87 years old, because “I love politics and my people, but I love life.”

The Uruguayan Legislature had just 90 days to analyze the almost 500 articles of the LUC, to which it was pointed out that those 135 articles contained a project of conservative restoration and neoliberal orientation, harmful to the interests of the majority.

In the midst of the debates, parties such as the Broad Front requested more time to examine the provisions of the norm with social sectors and the population, but the Government opposed expanding the consultation due to the Covid-19 pandemic and forced its prompt approval. , which settled in the majority vote in the Congress of the ruling coalition.

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