José was walking through San Miguelito when he was shot, he died in the ambulance

Security in Irapuato, Guanajuato.- About to arrive at a medical center a young manidentified as “Joseph”, died in an ambulance after being shot at in the San Miguelito colony.

The incident occurred minutes after 8 in the morning on 6 de Noviembre Street, almost on the corner of Mariano J. García Avenue, a few meters from the Temple of the Good Shepherdsouth of Irapuato.

Security in Irapuato: The young man was taken by ambulance to a hospital but died in the ambulance. Photo: Staff AM.

Although there is little information about the fact, two versions were handled. The first one that the young man was walking towards his work when he was assaulted by two men who intercepted him on a motorcycle and when he resisted he was shot.

The second version indicated that everything was a direct attack against the young man, while he was standing in the street, however, no version was confirmed by any authority.

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Security in Irapuato: the young man dies in the ambulance after receiving several bullets

It is known that after the attack, agents of the Municipal Police were mobilized to the scene and requested an ambulance.

The badly injured young man was rushed to a medical center, where a few minutes after arriving he could not stand his injuries and died in the ambulance. Mexican Red Cross.

Subsequently, elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the State Justice Prosecutor’s Officearrived at the hospital to report the incident and open an investigation folder before the death.

The body of the young man was taken to the Forensic Medical Service in Guanajuato capital for the necropsy of law.

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