Marshall Meyer Award to Robert Cox 20221118
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The Jewish community highlighted the journalist Robert Cox and his wife Maud Daverio for his work during the military dictatorship. At that time, the disclosure of the detained-disappeared cases forced the former director of the Buenos Aires Herald and the writer to go into exile abroad in 1979.

The distinction of the Coxes for their “courageous humanitarian commitment” was officiated by the rabbi Ariel Stofenmacherdirector of Marshall T. Meyer Latin American Rabbinical Seminaryone of the most representative institutions of the Jewish community in Latin America.

From the pages of the Buenos Aires Herald, the journalist was one of the first to publish information on people who were detained and disappeared during the years of the dictatorship, for which he was detained and threatened. “Journalism believes that it has to be about human rights. It has to be the guardian of the people”held.

The moment when Robert and Maud Cox receive the award.

The day Robert Cox saved a Spanish woman and her daughters

Upon receiving the institution’s Human Rights award, the Coxes were especially moved to remember the American Rabbi Marshall T Meyer, founder of the institution at a critical moment. Meyer became an emblem of the fight for human rights in Argentina during the bloody years of the military dictatorship.

Like Cox before exile, Rabbi Meyer dedicated himself to denouncing cases of detained-disappeared, which later earned him a place on the National Commission for the Disappearance of Persons (CONADEP) with the advent of democracy and various distinctions, including former President Cristina Kirchner.

The memory of Marshall Meyer

“He was an extraordinary person in every way,” Robert Cox, 88, slipped into his speech after receiving the award. Something similar had been said by his companion, Maud, who spoke earlier. Visibly moved, she said that the rabbi “was a man who also suffered” but that he always had “a terrific sense of humor.” “He was trying to make something positive out of the terrible time we were going through,” she recounted, recalling those dark years.

On the other hand, Cox gave details of the journalistic work that linked him to the rabbi during the dictatorship when they tried to reveal something that “was not perceived by most people.” “Marshall at that time was also a journalist, he wrote abroad so that people knew what was happening in Argentina”counted.

“Marshall was convinced that the disappeared were in camps and that they were going to appear one day. Meantime, I was trying to find a way to prove what was happening. He was talking to (Jorge Rafael) Videla and the other soldiers, writing in the diary, always looking for a way to portray something horrendous that was not perceived by most people,” he closed.

Maud Daverio Cox: coincidences and causalities in a life and in a book

Marshall Meyer Award to Robert Cox 20221118
Marshall Meyer founded the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary in 1962.

Cox’s Awards

The new distinction is added to the one received by the journalist last June, when he received the Feather of Honor of the National Academy of Journalism. In 2011, the former president of the Inter-American Press Association (SIP) received the Grand Prize for Press Freedom for his “career and courage.”

Maud Daverio, a union that has been going on for six decades, is a doctor in Comparative Literature and in 2001 published “Salvados de Infierno”, a book that collects testimonies of the crucial moments that the family went through in relation to harassment, threats and persecution during the dictatorship .

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