Juan Grabois stoned Martín Guzmán: "He has no street or political formation, he lived too long outside"

The internal of the Front of All continues to be red hot and the darts point once again against the economic team of President Alberto Fernández. This time it was Juan Grabois who redoubled his criticism against Production Minister Matías Kulfas, whom he called “ignorant”; and that of Economy, Martín Guzmán, whom he reproached for “not having a street or political training.”

“Kulfas is a motivator. If you see everything wrong or everything black, call him and he paints everything pink for you,” Grabois ironized this Tuesday, May 10, in dialogue with Nancy Pazos in russian roulette (FM Meter). And he considered that “according to Kulfas, if in 10 years we are doing excellent, we are going to create only 2 million jobs.”

The referent of the Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE) affirmed that “there are 12 million adults who do not have registered employment and the majority work in the world of informality.” “If we have workers with a salary receipt who are poor, imagine those who are in the popular economy,” he reproached.

Grabois then referred to the differences in the economic team: “Guzmán doesn’t love Kulfas? So let him kick him in the ‘tuje,'” he proposed. And he added: “Kulfas ignores half of the population, so he is an ignorer rather than an ignoramus.”

The social leader then pointed out the Minister of Economy: “When everyone loved Guzmán, I said two things: he has no street and he has no political formation,” he said.

In addition, he insisted on the claim for the Universal Basic Salary, a project that Kirchnerism is now promoting in Congress. “I discussed this project with Guzman last year, he said that he was interested and that he was going to give us a refund. We are still waiting for it,” he questioned.

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