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Juan Jose Llachdirector of the Bachelor of Business Economics at Universidad Austral and professor emeritus at IAE Business School, is the new president of the National Academy of Economic Sciences, according to the election made by their peers last Wednesday, June 15. The economist and sociologist takes over in place of Dr. Rinaldo Colomé and his position will last three years.

It was Llach himself who communicated in recent days through Twitter his new role in charge of the presidency of ANCE:

Who is Juan José Llach?

Llach graduated in Sociology from the Argentine Catholic University and also has a degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires. The economist and sociologist directs the Bachelor of Business Economics at Universidad Austral and is also professor emeritus at the IAE Business School and Director of the Educational Equity and Inclusive Productivity research projects.

He graduated in sociology after writing his thesis in 1968 The role of women in society in transition.

Instead, his contribution to the economy was reflected in academic works that covered a diversity of topics and social problems: the challenges of integration of the regional economy, the Argentine economic history, the phenomenon of hyperinflationeducation, the labor market, federalism, among others.

Juan Jose Llach

Career as a public official

As a public official, in 1991 he joined the team of the former Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo, when serving as Secretary of Economic Programming. In this way, he had interference in the implementation of the Convertibility Plan.

Between the years 1999-2000, during the government of Fernando de la Rúa, he was Minister of Education of the Nation.


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