Juan Luis Guerra, Zoé Saldaña and Oscar de la Renta nominated for “RD Brand”

The prominent Dominican musician, singer-songwriter and producer Juan Luis Guerra, “The Queen of Merengue” Milly Quezada; the late designer Oscar de la Renta, the teacher Wilfrido Vargas and the actress Zoé Saldaña lead the list of nominees in the category “RD brand”, of the Luis Augusto Caminero Award, which will be delivered on Tuesday, July 12, at 7:00 pm, in the Central Bank auditorium.

With this category, the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (Adompretur) will recognize a project, character, organization or heritage of any nature that identifies the Dominican Republic brand, contributing to positively project, nationally and internationally, the tourist image of the country.

About Juan Luis Guerra

Juan Luis Guerra is one of the most recognized and awarded Dominican artists around the world. Thanks to his wide repertoire, he is a figure emblematic of Dominican music, which has bequeathed us an extensive list of hits, which have managed to promote the Dominican Republic in various countries of the world.

Among the valued considerations of the Dominican artist, has been his album “Entre Mar y Palmeras”, a concert filmed live on Esmeralda beach, Miches, and widely broadcast to several countries through HBO Max.

Merengue and bachata, declared by the UNESCO as intangible heritage, they reign in their brilliant musical work that includes the hits “El Farolito”, “Visa para un Sueno”, “La Bilirubina”, “El Niágara en bici”, “Las avispas” and “A ask for your hand”.

The creativity and variety of Juan Luis Guerra’s musical work has placed him as the most universal Dominican artist. With his voice, his music and his artistic creation, he has succeeded in promoting the highest values ​​of Dominican identity.

About Milly Quezada

She was also nominated for “The Queen of Merengue”, Milly Quezada for his more than four decades spreading Dominican popular music in the world.

From the beginning, Milly imposed an authentic style defined by the contagious joy of her songs that are icons of Dominican discography.

“La Guacherna”, “Live!”, “To give you my life”, and “Juanita came back”, which marks the beginning of Dominican Christmas, are some of them.

Milly is a multi-award winning artist for the “Latin Grammy Awards”, with four gramophones (years 2003, 2006 and 2012), as well as a nomination for the American Grammy and at the Emmy Awards in 1998.

Also, she has been awarded in other international awards such as the Billboards Awards, ACE Awards in New York, Lo Nuestro Awards / Univisión, several Congos de Oro in Barranquilla, Colombia; various Casandra awards; as well as the highest award of Dominican art “El Gran Soberano” in honor of the legendary Casandra Damirón; and ASCAP 2018 awards for her authorship and outstanding career.

To date, it has 34 record productions available on digital platforms.

She has been awarded by the Senate of Puerto Rico, as well as by the Senate of the Dominican Republic in 1997; and a year later by the Congress of the Republic.

In 2008, she was appointed by presidential decree as “Cultural Ambassador” attached to the Foreign Ministry of the Dominican Republic, appointment was ratified by the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Rodolfo Abinader Corona.

About Oscar de la Renta (Pots Mortem)

If we talk about international transcendence, the name of Oscar de la Renta undoubtedly occupies the first places.

This iconic master of the fashion industry rose to fame dressing the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush.

The Dominican couturier dressed celebrities such as Madonna, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Díaz, Shakira, Michelle Obama, among others.

Known as the conqueror of ‘couture’ and the guru of glamor who helped create the identity of American fashion.

His work as a fashion designer marked the first time for a Latino working for a French house, which created one of the most important New York fashion firms.

In February 2011, the Spanish government awarded him the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit, for his duties since 2004 as president of the “Queen Sofía Spanish Institute”, in New York.

About Wilfrido Vargas

Another of the personalities proposed for the Luis Augusto Caminero Award gala is Wilfrido Vargas, considered one of the most important figures of our merengue, who popularized and internationalized this Dominican rhythm, today Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The musician and orchestra director is the one who put the merengue rhythm in the eye of many cities around the world.

He began his career in 1972, and since then, he has not only been successful with his orchestra, but has also inspired and founded important groups in the merengue genre.

A fan of Dominican popular music and an emblematic figure throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

In November 2018, he was recognized with the award for Musical Excellence during the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony.

About Zoe Saldana

Another of the stars that has been valued in this category is the actress of Dominican descent Zoé Saldaña, who exalts Dominicanness in the mecca of cinema.

The star of the seventh art has been considered by the jury of the Luis Augusto Caminero Award, thanks to her outstanding career as an actress, putting the name of the Dominican Republic on high.

Saldaña was part of the cast of the films ‘The Adam Project’, ‘Vivo’, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Revenge Ruthless’, in which he demonstrated his brilliant histrionic abilities, leaving the skin on each character.

The Dominican has earned the title of highest grossing actress in Hollywood, thanks to her performances in ‘Avatar’, directed in 2009 by James Cameron and ‘Avengers: Engame’, directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo.

The LAC Award

The Luis Augusto Caminero Award, presented by the Dominican Tourist Press Association (Adompretur), represents an effort by the entity that brings together journalists and communicators specialized in tourism and cultural aspects, recognizing and valuing the effort made by tourism and culture actors. , to strengthen the image of the Dominican Republic.

The president of Adompretur, Yenny Polanco Lovera; and the director of the Award, Luis José Chávez, reported that the selection committee received popular proposals that enriched the reference framework of the contest and democratized the choice of this category that represents Dominicanness.

About the jury

A great responsibility falls on the jury. That is why the Adompretur Board is accompanied by an exclusive group of experts in tourism, economics, advertising and marketing, who make up a qualified evaluation and selection team.

They are, Ellis Pérez, president of the jury; Luis José Chávez, director of the Award; as well as the prominent journalists Severo Rivera, deputy editor of Diario Libre, journalist from the SIN team and president of the Dominican Academy of Art and Entertainment Journalists (Adopae); Jairon Severino, director of the newspaper El Dinero; and Raysa Féliz, Eastern regional director of Adompretur.

The jury is completed by the board of directors of Adompretur made up of Yenny Polanco Lovera, president; Salvador Batista, Vice President; Sarah Hernández, General Secretary and General Coordinator of the Award; José Alberto Selmo, Director of Finance; Cristian Mota, Director of Public Relations; Milka Hernández, Director of Tourism and Culture; Carmen Luz Beato, Director of Training; José María Reyes, Director of Regional Affairs; Yubelkys Mejía, Director of Events; and Juan de Dios Valentín, Director of Institutional Marketing.

Entrepreneurs from the tourism and hotel areas have been invited to the Luis Augusto Caminero Award, as well as distinguished personalities from the social and political spheres of the Dominican Republic and other regions of the world.

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