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Juan Pablo Cruceño, the San Luis who went through La Voz Argentina

Juan Pablo Cruceño, the San Luis who debuted on La Voz Argentina.

JJuan Pablo Crucenoa native of San Luis and a resident of Buenos Aires, debuted on La Voz Argentina with the song “Favorito”, of Camilo. Although she did not pass the auditions blind, she did take advice from the jury.

The young man, whose family is from Cordoba, has lived in Buenos Aires since his friend proposed a job offer: work in a restaurant parking lot. “After one or two photos, I have to take the 166 to go back to my house,” she joked.

With respect to musicsaid that he liked it “since he was very young”. Juan Pablo recalled when he came to church with his mother and “was involved with 6 years” in the band.

Especially, has a love for the guitar: The first one was given to him by a friend of his mother, Gloria.

Regardless of the result, the puntano he dedicated the performance to his uncle “Marce”, who was the one who gave him the “push” to get on the first stage. “He told me: I have this possibility, put it in, it would be good,” she recalled.

Juan Pablo Cruceño, the San Luis who debuted on La Voz Argentina. (Telephone/)

John Paul went toaccompanied by his mother and unclewho were filled with tears before the debut. “I will give everything and try to be happy”he said and went out to face the jury.

The young man chose a song by Camilo: “Favorite”. Although her presentation was not enough for the jurors to turn their chairs, took a lot of advice.

Lali told him: “I did not turn the chair because I felt that you were not comfortable with the song, although it shows that you have a beautiful voice and that you sing smiling”. The young man had warned that he is a “totally honest person on stage.”

The jury added to its return that Juan Pablo he dragged out the phrasing of the theme and wasted time.

To this idea was added Ricky Montanerwho commented: “We singers who make music to dance have to think that we have to sing to it as if it were to the hip”so “when a long time ago figure distracts”.

The singer assured him that for those reasons he felt insecure about the subject and “We didn’t turn around tonight.”

Juan Pablo Cruceno you still have a chance to Submit to the digital repechage “The return”hosted by Rochi Igarzábal, to join La Voz Argentina.

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