Judge frees high-ranking Mexican Senate official accused of homicide

A judge ordered this Friday the release of a senior Senate official from Mexicowho was accused of the murder of the candidate for mayor in the state of Veracruz (east).

Is about Jose Manuel del Riowho worked as technical secretary of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate (Jucopo), the body that coordinates the legislative work of that precinct.

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The official was accused of the murder of Remigio Tovar, former candidate of the Movimiento Ciudadano party for mayor of the municipality of Cazones, which occurred on June 4 of last year.

“The truth is that justice takes time but it comes”, Del Río told the Milenio network upon leaving the prison where he had been locked up since last December. “It is vile that they look for scapegoats to put them in jail”, he added.

Del Río, who was twice a federal deputy and also mayor of the Veracruz municipality of Tecolutla (2005-2006), is considered close to the official senator Ricardo Monreal, president of the Jucopo and one of the candidates to succeed the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Workshop.

Monreal has had public differences with the governor of VeracruzCuitláhuac García, also from the ruling Morena party.

“Poor Veracruz, so far from justice and so close to authoritarianism. Let’s keep fighting for the hundreds of innocent people in prison,” Monreal said this Friday on Twitter as he celebrated Del Río’s release.

The legislative and local elections of last June 6 and the electoral campaign were marked by violence with 102 politicians assassinated, 36 of them candidates or pre-candidates for local positions, according to figures from the private consulting firm Etellekt.

Veracruz is one of the states most affected by the violence of drug cartels, which dispute its territory, settled along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as by the collusion of criminals with authorities.

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