Judge who appeared half-naked and smoking in a virtual audience gives her version
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Judge Vivian Polanía Franco is involved in a controversy after a video of a virtual hearing where she is seen lying on her bed, half-naked and smoking, went viral.

Although the judge deactivated her camera after someone warned her that she was being seen by the other participants in the hearing in which it was decided whether to release a prisoner, everything was recorded and quickly began to circulate on social networks.

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Hundreds of Internet users began to question the behavior of the judge during her work and they recalled other controversies in which the official of the judicial branch has been involved for publishing photographs in swimsuits on their social networks.

your explanation

Though Polanía has not given public explanations about this scandalspoke personally with Néstor Morales, director of blue morningsand revealed to him the state in which he is.

“She is devastated, she was crying the whole time (…) She tells me that she has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She cried and cried. She assures that she has been locked up in her house for three years because she has been the victim of death threats. She has escorts, she does not leave her home and that is why she was dispatching the hearing from her house, ”said the journalist.

According to Morales, the woman also assured him that she has an overload of work and explained that he was smoking during the hearing, even though he quit years ago, because he is suffering from anxiety.

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