Judit Polgár received a prestigious award

After the 2019 European Chess Legend award and the 2021 World Chess Hall of Fame membership, Judit Polgár, the best female player in chess history and the developer of the teaching method that bears her name, received another major international recognition.

The Hungarian grandmaster, who is present as a commentator at the 44th Chess Olympiad, received the first ever FIDE ICON award from the president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Arkady Dvorkovich, at the gala held in Chennai, India, on Friday evening Female personality of the year in chess award.

With the FIDE ICON award, the world federation recognized Judit Polgár’s decades-long work inspiring millions.

It is a great honor to be the first recipient of the FIDE ICON award at an exceptional event, the 44th Chess Olympiad in India. This award is in recognition of my decades-long sports career and my work in popularizing chess and encouraging women’s chess orientation.

Judit Polgár began her thank-you speech and continued:

“We must constantly do so that as many girls as possible can experience the beauty of chess, the experience and knowledge that this ancient game provides. In every possible way, I try to convey the message to the girls and their parents: they should strive to make the most of their talents, of themselves, because if we do not push girls to limits, if they build and build their self-confidence with success and encouragement, in any area of ​​life they will stop their place.”

You can watch the entire award ceremony below:

In March of this year, Judit Polgár organized in cooperation with the Dubai 2020 Hungarian Pavilion Judit Polgár vs The World event, the world’s first interactive community chess simulcast, which the FIDE president declared: “A milestone in the promotion of chess”.

Mariya Gabriel, member of the European Commission responsible for innovation, research, cultural affairs, education and youth, EU Commissioner, patron of the 2021 Polgár Polgár World Chess Festival, described the Judit Polgár method as an example to follow. (ECU) promotes and also supports in the professional field.

The world’s most successful female chess player recently celebrated her 46th birthday, and we commemorated her with a quiz. by clicking here can test your knowledge.

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