Judit Varga and Pál Völner would be heard in the European Parliament on the Pegasus case

A DK politician said he had initiated a hearing with both politicians as vice-chairman of the Pegasus committee set up in the European Parliament.

Those responsible for the scandal will be responsible here, in front of the Pegasus Committee, for the innocent citizens and the victims involved!

– said Sándor Rónai, who complained that they had not been asked about it in the Hungarian parliament.

Meanwhile, Anna Donáth, president of the Momentum and MEP, said: Judit Varga, who said she had observed politicians, civilians and investigative journalists “with her knowledge and permission”

should be heard live by the committee in public.

He added that as a member of the Pegasus Committee, he was also initiating that the committee seek and examine wiretapping permits because they felt that a significant number of them were not necessary for national security purposes and that in fact “their political opponents had been silenced in power. to remain ”.

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