Judit Varga: Hungary is Europe's treasure hunt

The Minister of Justice put the Europe of nations and Hungarian interest video of his speech at his conference on Thursday. According to Judit Varga, we are Europe’s treasure hunt.

In the classic novel, he squeezes and sweats in the fog when there is something wrong with honor, when it means something dishonest, something betrayal.

In the novel, the father of the protagonist, Gergő, sewed it, as did our fathers, great-grandfathers, this is our constitutional identity. As in the fog, we are signaling to the Union that they have deviated from the path of European values ​​that we began together at the time. He explained.

The minister said at the conference that the European Union already denies traditional values, valuing foreign cultures better than Judeo-Christian roots. According to the Hungarian government, it is necessary to adhere to the basic values ​​on which the commonwealth is built: without the church, the family and the nation, the continent has no future.

(Cover image: Judit Varga. Photo: Patrícia Bodnár / Index)

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