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Julián Gil talks about his skin cancer

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Julian Gil surprised his followers by sharing that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer. After his fans noticed a scar on his chest, the actor decided to clarify that he had been the product of a surgery he underwent to remove a cancerous mole.

“Many of you have asked me about the scar on my chest. I want to tell you that I was diagnosed with skin cancerGil confessed in a video posted on Instagram. In the audiovisual, the actor explains that he had not said it before because he considered it to be something very personal, “but I understood that I should help raise awareness.”

The diagnosis took place about a year ago, after he realized that he had developed a raised mole. “I went to the doctor, a dermatologist endocrinologist here in Mexico, it turned out to be skin cancer“, Held.
Julián Gil shows his scar. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

His story went on to say that it was a great shock for him to find out that he had cancer, although he admitted that it is a consequence of overexposure to the sun without adequate protection. “I understand that it was due to the excess of sun. Those who know me know that I abused the sun a lot. I always wanted to be tanned and I was one of those who even put on baby oil to sunbathe, ”he said.

The Argentine clarified that he is well, although he must undergo medical check-ups every six months. “I hope this video will help you get checked and never think that we are free of a disease.”

He concluded with advice to his followers to prevent them from going through the same thing as him. “Do not sunbathe, or drink with a protector, sunscreen. I’m fine, don’t worry.”

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