Julio Buffarini, with the Talleres shirt on: "I liked the team, you can tell it's ambitious"

With the expectation of producing his debut in the workshops Professional League East Saturday at 18 against Arsenal, Julius Buffarini shared the first impressions of the team, after the losses to Newell’s and Independent.

“The team in these last games I liked. The results were not given but I saw a team with a good playing circuit. That’s why we need to improve, be finer and calmer in the last quarter of the field, “said Buffa in Chain 3.

“I would think that I will be on the summoned list, I am sure I will, but it will be a decision of Peter (Caixinha) how. I come to add to an already consolidated team, that although in these last two games the results were not given, You can tell he’s ambitious.”added the expected reinforcement Albiazul.

“Where I can give the team the most is as a right back. It will be a decision of Pedro (Caixina),” Buffarini said on his return to Talleres. (Pedro Castillo / The Voice) (Pedro Castillo/AR)

“I did 60 minutes of football yesterday, as a right back, and physically I felt very good. If it’s up to me, I’d play the 90 minutes against Arsenal, because I’m very self-demanding. I was in Spain for almost 20 days of vacation, I arrived on a Wednesday and on Sunday I was already playing against Eibar. It happens that I take great care of myself and I live for football, but I will respect the decision made by the coach, ”said Chacho.

“I come to Talleres to be one more, to contribute my grain of sand and not to put a heavy hand in a locker room. It is I who must adapt to this group. I don’t like to talk a lot, because I don’t feel like giving advice either, but I do like to show, from another place, a learning. I like to arrive two hours before training and leave two hours after it ends”, complete.

Who enters for Rafa Pérez?

Julián Malatini behind with Matías Catalán emerges as Pedro Caixinha’s main option to replace the expelled Rafael Perez on the visit to Arsenal. Another movement would be to appeal to Enzo Díaz so that he plays in defense and Ángelo Martino covers the left side.

A third possibility is the youthful Tomás Palacios, in a position-for-position exchange and that would also allow him to support Gastón Benavídez and Díaz on the sides, no need to move as much to the last line.

On the other hand a Héctor Fértoli, already recovered from an intercostal injury, returns to the formation. It remains to be seen if it is because Matías Godoy, by Chino Matías Esquivel or by Michael Santos, very poor performance so far in the tournament.

Also, Fernando Juárez would enter instead of Santiago Toloza for a more combative double 5 with Rodrigo Villagra

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