Xian in the hands of the president of the TJMS, judge Carlos Eduardo Contar (Photo: TJMS/Disclosure)
Xian in the hands of the president of the TJMS, judge Carlos Eduardo Contar (Photo: TJMS/Disclosure)

Xian robot is born – It fulfills a task in 75 seconds that a server would take 15 minutes to do. It is the Xian robot, the newest artificial intelligence tool of the Court of Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul, which went into operation this Thursday, 5th. The robot received a birth certificate and even an avatar, to commemorate the birth of what has been considered the first digital server of the Judiciary. Others will come.

More productivity – In practice, jobs that do not require analysis are outsourced to the robot, which performs tasks up to five times faster than a human being, leaving servers time to take care of other items in the process.

more celerity – Xian was scheduled to move documents after publication in the Justice Gazette. With this, the management of the state Judiciary believes, the processes gain agility in the phase of compliance and management of deadlines, for example.

More term – The Municipality of Campo Grande decided to extend, until the 13th, the deadline for councilors to present amendments to the 2023 LDO (Budget Guidelines Law) project. The Finance and Budget Commission guarantees that nine suggestions were presented, but the column found only one in the House system.

Animal protection – State deputy Evander Vendramini (PP) presented a bill that amends State Law 4,538/2014, which prohibits the use of animals in tests for the manufacture of cosmetics, to include cleaning products. The matter must still pass through the committees of the Legislative Assembly before going to the vote.

No sooner said than done – The mayor of Campo Grande, Adriane Lopes (Patriota), promised and fulfilled. Before taking office, a month ago, she made it clear to Campo Grande News that her administration would look like her. This is what she did when choosing the new head of Sidagro (Municipal Secretariat for Innovation, Economic Development and Agribusiness), Adelaido Vila.

Both of us – When announcing the departure of Adelaido’s predecessor, Rodrigo Terra, the then mayor Marquinhos Trad (PSD) guaranteed that he would give his opinion on the choice of the new secretary. “We are choosing, while Rodrigo coordinates our pre-campaign,” he declared on March 31. Terra corroborated at the time: “We must put a technician who is able to continue the important projects […] who will depend on him [Marquinhos] and Adriane [Lopes, atual prefeita]”, said the then secretary.

I who command now – However, Adriane showed who’s boss by choosing an outside name. The president of CDL (Chamber of Shopkeepers), Adelaido Lima was sworn in on Friday (6th). The “technician” was left out.

From 18 to 77 years old – After the Government of Mato Grosso do Sul released the list of those selected for the CNH MS Social program, which will pay the expenses for beneficiaries to obtain their driver’s license, Campo Grande News received a flood of questions from readers about the number of elderly people among the approved. Many people argue that younger people should have more opportunity, as they depend on transportation to get to and from work. On the list, there are candidates born from 1945 to 2004.

Criterion – The explanation for most of the vacancies being with older people lies in the tie-breaking criteria provided for in the public notice: older age, lower income, greater number of family members, date and time of registration. “There were 60,000 candidates for 5,000 vacancies and many tie for social conditions and then the tiebreaker is for age”, explained the director of Detran-MS (State Department of Transit of Mato Grosso do Sul), Rudel Trindade.

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