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Justice prohibited Villa from leaving the country and Boca has not yet confirmed if he will play the semi against Racing

Sebastián Villa will not travel to Paraguay to play for the Copa Libertadores.  (Photo: Instagram of @ sebastian14villa)

Sebastián Villa cannot leave Argentina. It was ruled in the last hours of Friday by the Prosecutor of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 3 of Esteban Echeverría, Specialized in Family and Gender Violence, Sexual Abuse and Crimes Related to Trafficking in Persons, Verónica Pérez, in the framework of the new complaint against the player for a serious case of violence, rape and attempted murder.

They summoned R., the complainant, to ratify her statements against Sebastián Villa

The young woman who denounced the Boca Juniors soccer player Sebastián Villa for having sexually abused her and having tried to hang her while he subdued her in her house in a private neighborhood in the Buenos Aires town of Canning, was summoned by the prosecutor of the case to ratify the accusation, they reported. judicial sources.

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Prohibition of leaving the country for Sebastián Villa

The prosecutor Vanesa González also ordered that the Xeneize club player cannot leave the country and imposed a ban on approaching the complainant and her family group. The decision was made in the last few hours by the head prosecutor of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3 of Esteban Echeverría, specializing in Family and Gender Violence, Sexual Abuse and Crimes Related to Trafficking in Persons.

Sebastián Villa will not travel to Paraguay to play for the Copa Libertadores. (Photo: Instagram of @ sebastian14villa)

The next steps of the complainant

The young woman must ratify the accusation this Monday after the brief presented last Friday in which she reported that the event occurred on June 26, 2021 and as a consequence of the attack she had to be assisted at the Penna Hospital in Buenos Aires, but that she did not perform the complaint despite the recommendation of the doctors who treated her because at that time she was in a state of shock, she suffered from “fear” and was “paralyzed”.

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Sebastian Villa could be arrested

The lawyer Roberto Castillo, who represents the young woman, assured that the victim -whose identity is preserved- is “totally broken”, that she is “very afraid” after denouncing “a public figure” and that the prosecution involved in The case will have to analyze whether it is necessary to arrest the Boca player “because of his background and to ensure that he can be prosecuted.”

“She is a person who is totally broken, a girl who had a hard time getting information from her that helped us to make the complaint, and who is also shaken by the fear she has for denouncing a public figure,” said the lawyer, who had requested “a security measure (for her assistance) in order to protect her physical integrity.”

For this reason, the prosecution ordered a ban on Villa (25) approaching her and her family group, who will not be able to leave the country either.

Chronicle of the fact denounced by R. against Sebastián Villa

According to the new complaint against Villa, the episode occurred in the house that the Colombian soccer player owns in the “Venado II” neighborhood of the town of Canning, in the southern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs, hours after having participated in a barbecue attended by other players from the Boca squad.

The young woman explained that she met Villa at the beginning of 2020, when the soccer player was still in a relationship with Daniela Cortés, and considered him an “extremely violent and aggressive” person.

Regarding the night of the alleged abuse, on June 26, 2021, the victim said that the footballer had drunk “a lot of alcohol and more than one bottle of whiskey” and that he reproached him for, while they participated in the barbecue at a partner’s house from the campus in Ezeiza, “had looked” at the footballers.

After having a strong discussion, Villa and the young woman left the place and went to the soccer player’s house with his security employee nicknamed “Vikingo” and a friend named Félix Benítez.

“At that moment, what was the worst situation of my life began,” says the victim in her complaint, where she recounts that after being mistreated and beaten by Villa, she wanted to leave and, given that situation, the Boca striker lowered her pants, threw her on a bed and raped her.

After the abuse, the young woman called a friend and, in a rental car from the Uber platform, she went to her house in the City of Buenos Aires, where she bathed, put her clothes to wash and cut “her hair well”. short product of shock”.

The young woman said that she has recorded the conversations in which the Colombian soccer player, through his friend Benítez, offers him $5,000 to forget “everything that happened”

Three complaints against Sebastián Villa for gender violence

This is the third complaint received by the footballer and scorer of the Ribera club, since he is awaiting the oral trial in the case that investigates him for gender-based violence against his ex-partner Daniela Cortes, also Colombian, who in April 2020 denounced him after being threatened and beaten. The player, it should be remembered, He also has an accusation against him of this same attitude in his country, Promoted by a former partner.

Boca has not yet confirmed whether it will take Sebastián Villa into account to play against Racing

Although everything indicates that Sebastián Villa will be on the concentrated list to play against Racing this afternoon in the semifinal of the Professional League Cup, the truth is that the club has not yet made the list of Sebastián Battaglia official.

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