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Deputies of Together for Change they demanded the PAMI a detailed report for spending “more than 14 million pesos in cotillion items for ‘socio-preventive activities‘”. The opposition legislators who adhered to the statement focused on spending that they described as “outrageous” Y “scandalous” taking into account “the social and economic crisis” of the country.

“PAMI spent more than 14 million pesos on cotillion items destined for “socio-preventive activities”, a euphemism with which it seeks to hide the purchase of cotillion of flags, galleys, makeup, cheers, harlequin hats and vuvuzelas for the World Cup“Juntos por el Cambio leaders said in a statement.

“A scandalous expense in ethical terms” from PAMI

“It is, clearly, a outrageous expense in ethical termstaking into account that retirees, like society as a whole, receive insufficient income in the face of escalating inflation”, objected the signatories, among whom are Cristian Ritondo, Martin Tetaz, Graciela OcaƱa, Dina Rezinovsky, Virginia Cornejo, Soher El Sukaria, Alejandro Finocchiaro, Antonio Stefani and Silvia Lospennato.

“All my assets are in sight”: Berni rejected Lanata’s report and clarified to mayors that he will not resign

“The social work of our parents and grandparents demands a transparent, serious administrative management that defends public resources and invests them in important social benefitsand not in absurd expenses”, they argued.

“We request that those responsible, as soon as possible, explain the reasons for such expenditureif the supplier complies with the legal requirements, where they delivered the purchased material and how was the process that determined this Abbreviated Purchase”, they expressed in the last lines of the report request, in addition to underlining the “outrage” generated by PAMI officials , body in charge of Luana Volnovich“in a context of strong social and economic crisis”.

Ritondo’s explosive tweet

To give a public and massive reach to the accusation, Christian Ritondo He exposed part of the statement on Twitter and accompanied it with the following message.

Fraud. Martin Tetaz, Graciela Ocana and Alejandro Finocchiaro, among others, we will present a request for a report so that PAMI explain why, while a retiree does not even have enough to eat, more than 14 million were spent on party favors to watch the World Cup“, the opposition leader said on his networks.

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