Mauricio Macri and Gerardo Morales during a meeting last December (Photo: JxC)

This Friday will be an intense day for the intern at Together for Change heading for the 2023 elections. radical governors Gerardo Morales, Rodolfo Suarez, Gustavo Valdes and the head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta will meet in Corrientes in a show of unity after the failed last meeting of the National Table and in the midst of the fight between the PRO and the UCR.

In the meantime, Miguel Picketto formally launches the Peronist leg of the coalition and enters the presidential race.

Morales (Jujuy), Suarez (Mendoza) and Larreta (PRO) will be received by Valdes in Corrientes.

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The excuse of the meeting is a Sustainable Development and Environment forum, in which the ministers and government teams of the four administrations will participate. But before, they pointed out in the coalition, the four leaders will have a coffee alone in the government of Corrientes.

A topic could come up at the meeting. On Monday, in a restaurant in Puerto Madero, gathered the top leaders of the PRO among those who were Mauricio Macri, Rodríguez Larreta himself and the head of the party, Patricia Bullrich. The former president criticized Gerardo Morales, who is also the head of radicalism, and asked his associates “not to let themselves be handled by the UCR in Congress.”

“Morals he is not going to answer now. The governors will show management, you have to get out of the interior a bit. You have to show yourself close to the people and have a proactive agenda”, they pointed out about the radical president, who, however, is not characterized by avoiding the internal one.

Mauricio Macri and Gerardo Morales during a meeting last December (Photo: JxC)

But this Friday’s “environmental” meeting would follow that line, which will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the Julián Zini Auditorium in Corrientes. The foundations of the four main spaces that make up Together for Change will participate in the debate: the Think Foundation, of the PRO; the German Foundation, from the UCR; the Hannah Arendt Foundationof the Civic Coalition, and the federal meetingof the Peronist Miguel Pichetto.

Until July 29, Together for Change has set a schedule with half a dozen meetings in Buenos Aires, CABA, Córdoba, Neuquén and Santa Fe, on different topics such as Social Policies, Production, International Relations and Energy. The objective: be “prepared for management”.

While the different referents of the opposition coalition are launching their candidacies with a view to an electoral competition for which there is still more than a year to go, the four party foundations are working on the design of a “political plan and economic program” for a possible arrival of the opposition coalition to the Government.

This Friday’s summit will conclude at 19:00 with some words of the leaders provinces and the City of Buenos Aires that make up Together for Change.

Miguel Pichetto formally launches the Peronist leg of Together for Change and joins the fight for 2023

Before the governors’ summit, however, Together for Change will have another important movement this Friday. The head of the General Audit Office of the Nation (AGN), Miguel Angel Pickettowill formally present Federal Republican Gathering and show their own intentions to compete as candidate in the presidential elections of 2023.

“If the conditions are met, will participate in PASO, always within Together for Change. He won’t talk much about the others. It is going to mark that it wants to be inside, participate in the internal discussions to be Government in 2023 and with the launch it has the national representation that it needed to to be the Peronist leg officially”, they pointed out near the former national senator.

In Together for Change there are those who interpret the relaunch of Pichetto as a way of “shake the hornet’s nest” Y create a good “centre-right” base to confront some sectors in clear growth, such as the space of the libertarian Javier Mileiwhich puts the opposition coalition in trouble when it comes to maintaining internal cohesion.

Miguel Angel Pichetto (JxC), Auditor General of the Nation (Photo: Telam).
Miguel Angel Pichetto (JxC), Auditor General of the Nation (Photo: Telam).

The release will be at 4:00 p.m. in North Park and referents of the other partners that make up the main opposition coalition (PRO, UCR and Coalición Cívica) will not participate in principle.

Pichetto will be flanked by two referents of the PJ: Ramon Gate, ex-governor of Misiones, ex-senator and ex-ambassador of Argentina in Spain; Y Juan Carlos Romero, currently a national senator and former governor of Salta. Both will give a speech.

The former governor of Neuquén will also participate George Sobisch and the Buenos Aires senator, Joaquin de la Torre, one of the main leaders of the armed pichetistta in Buenos Aires. Also Florence Arietto, Miguel Angel TomaClaudia Rucci, Andrés Cisneros, Jorge Yoma and Florencia Klipauka, among other references, former officials, provincial legislators and Peronist councilors.

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