JxC on alert not to fall into the "mass traps"

“He’s going to trap us.” The phrase, in the mouth of an experienced PRO deputy, is repeated from different sectors of Together for Change. Hawks and doves, hard and moderate, are convinced that Sergio Massa is going to try different strategies to create cracks in the opposition.

“Watch out, don’t get caught.” The warning came from the mouth of Elisa Carrió for deputies of the Civic Coalition. If from that party they already looked skeptically at every project of the ruling party, now with Massa with a predominant role they believe they should sharpen the pencil. “With him we are going to have a purely institutional relationship,” they say in the block.

The friendships of the new Minister of Economy is what also exacerbates the fears in JxC. They believe that more than one can be enchanted by the qualities of the tigress. Some look at PRO leaders, such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta or Cristian Ritondo, friends of Massa. Others to radicalism, especially Gerardo Morales, allied in Jujuy with the Renovador Front and with an oiled link. All, however, seek to distance themselves.

Rodríguez Larreta is the one who is most worried about not showing up close. Close to you they recommend you avoid all kinds of contact, not a call, not a message. “I tell him to take care of himself, Sergio traps you, and if he feels cornered he can be hurtful,” says one of his trusted men.

In Deputies there are several who remember the day of the Budget debate, which was not finally approved, when in the middle of a meeting with representatives of all the Massa blocks began to point to each one of those who had negotiated something to incorporate into the lists .

Morales also tries to walk away. And as much as he emphasizes that he believes that Massa will seek to do the best he can, he criticizes him for his rapprochement with Kirchnerism. And now he comes out to question his cover letter. “The announcements that Massa made have been general, with very few specific measures, but also where it is not known what can or cannot be done due to the doubt generated by the attitude of the hidden prosecutor that the Front of All has,” he said. Thursday night at an event in Avellaneda.

This week, the head of the UCR was one of the main authors of the letter released by the leadership of JxC after a meeting they held with economists from all parties. From the PRO there were several who celebrated that the radical has promoted that critical speech. There are those who increasingly see an improvement in harmony with Rodríguez Larreta.

The question that is asked in PvC, precisely, is how to avoid falling into these supposed traps. “Everything to Congress” is the first thing on which there is agreement. Any proposal from the minister must be debated in Parliament. In fact, they have already come out to question her that all the projects that in her first conference she demanded from the opposition for her debate should have targeted Cristina Kirchner, since the four were approved in the Deputies and have not yet advanced in the Senate.

Secondly, the consensus is to apply a strategy similar to that of the debate for the agreement with the IMF. Claim unity in the Front of All, to, in any case, expose their differences. And then guarantee the necessary instruments but without being responsible for the application. “And if he sends something that includes a tax increase, he already knows that we are not going to accompany him,” reasons a deputy.

However, there are issues that can complicate JxC outside of Congress. In Uspallata, there are those who imagine a possible convocation of Massa to governors, to achieve a photo that they want to avoid. The key, there, will be in the unit that the four JxC leaders show. “Today more than ever we have to unite and do things right: consolidate JxC as a tool for transformation against the inefficiency and anarchy of the Frente de Todos,” Morales said, to the peace of the people of Buenos Aires.

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