Despite the fact that the production of Lada Vesta is transferred to Tolyatti, the plant in Izhevsk is not closed.

Despite the fact that the production of Lada Vesta is transferred to Tolyatti, the plant in Izhevsk is not closed.

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An unprecedented story for the domestic economy in the capital of Udmurtia, where employees of the local automobile plant Lada-Izhevsk were massively offered from 5 to 7 average monthly salaries, if only they quit as soon as possible, received an optimistic continuation.

The head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov and the president of AvtoVAZ Maxim Sokolov urgently arrived at the car factory. Last Thursday, we met with the employees of the enterprise and announced two news to them – both good.

First: they officially confirmed that, despite the fact that the production of Lada Vesta is transferred to Tolyatti, the plant in Izhevsk is not closed. Moreover, it will produce the first Russian electric car Lada e-Largus. Komsomolskaya Pravda has already reported this as insider information, and now it has been confirmed.

– There, in the assembly shop, we were shown the concept of a new electric car – in fact, a working model, – told who visited Izhevsk Igor Morzharetto, autoexpert, partner of the Avtostat company. – Outwardly – almost no changes. Only instead of a gear lever – a joystick. And the dashboard has been slightly changed – it displays an indicator of the battery charge level.

In general, the electric Largus will have a fairly rich equipment: a multimedia system, a rear-view camera, a stabilization system, airbags, ABS, and air conditioning. In addition, there will be an electric power steering instead of a hydraulic booster, which in the future will allow installing an automatic parking system on the car, the website reports.

The release of electro-Largus will begin next year. AvtoVAZ is not the only Russian company that has announced plans to produce an electric car. But it was the first to decide to do this on the basis of the current and familiar domestic model, and not an imported one.

– Largus is convenient in that it requires minimal alterations for the “electro” option, Morzharetto explained. – Its platform is quite long, and this makes it possible, having removed the gas tank, to install a large battery, which will provide a large power reserve from a single charge. The passenger version of the car (it is available in two versions – 5 and 7-seater) has a range of up to 400 km from one gas station, and a commercial van – 200-250 km. We decided to install a less capacious and, accordingly, lighter battery in order not to reduce the car’s carrying capacity – 800 kg. For the tasks of commercial vehicles, a power reserve of 200-250 km is quite enough.

But where will they get electric motors – they are not produced in Russia?

– Yes, the engines and batteries are still Chinese, but now Rosatom has opened two sites for the production of battery cells – in the Moscow region and in Kaliningrad, – the expert continued. – And several other companies are planning to install lines for the production of engines for electric vehicles. I think that it will not be from scratch – it is more convenient to buy a ready-made production line, for example, in China, and set up the production of all the components necessary for assembly in Russia.

Initially, several dozen electric vehicles per year will be produced, and then how things go. Largus is one of the best-selling cars in Russia. In addition, its production is not threatened by a crisis of lack of spare parts – almost everything that is needed is produced in Russia.


And the second good news, perhaps even more important than the first, is that people will not be left without work. In addition to the site for the production of an electric car, the production of components for Lada Vesta (in particular, stamping and plastic production) and for other cars that will be produced in Russia will remain in Izhevsk.

– Now the company employs 3,600 people, and according to the new plans, about one and a half thousand are needed, – says Igor Morzharetto.

As the site already wrote, if they write a letter of resignation, pensioners and pre-pensioners are given 7 average monthly salaries, the rest – 5 each. But money is good, and work is better. Will those who promise good compensation find the use of their strength, because money, as you know, tends to run out quickly.

– The head of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov, told the workers that there are many industrial enterprises in the city and in the republic and people are needed everywhere, – Morzharetto said. – Only in Izhevsk, according to him, there are 19 thousand vacancies. There are also vacancies in the Kalashnikov Defense Concern – salaries there are even higher than at a car factory. And who needs retraining, it will be done at the expense of the budget of the republic, the person himself will not pay anything.

According to Brechalov, temporary jobs have been organized for more than 1,500 factory workers, 130 employees have already been transferred to other enterprises of the republic, and in September 61 people will begin training and retraining.


Model – Quantity by July 2021 – %

Lada Granta* – 6525 -47.9

Lada Vesta – 2135 -81.8

Kia Rio-1310 -79.7

Geely Coolray – 1219 -12.7

Hyundai Solaris-11899-79.5

Hyundai Creta-1165-77.1

Haval Julion – 1162 +6.9

Chery Tiggo 7 PRO – 1134 -**

Chery Tiggo 4 – 777 -51.4

Lada Largus – 738 -80.3

* In a simplified configuration. Without immobilizer, airbags, ABS, air conditioning (extra charge), GLONASS system. But with additional options: electric drive and rotation of mirrors, four speakers, a mirror in the sun visor of the front passenger.

** No data


Russian 30.9%

Chinese* 24.3%

Korean 21.2%

* For the first time in the Russian market, Chinese brands are ahead of Korean ones.

Source: Analytical agency “Avtostat”

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