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Karmic astrology: question of brothers

With siblings, there is a strong karmic bond.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)

It is difficult to understand and recognize it, but when we speak of free will we also say that blood families are chosen and it is not something imposed by anyone.

Seeing a karmic natal chart, everything has been chosen. The place and time to be born, the parents and for those who are not only children, the blood brothers with whom they will share a good part of life have also been chosen.

All these close links, in general, are not new, but beings with whom they have shared experiences in past incarnations.

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Gemini is the sign that keeps the memories of everything done with cousins ​​and siblings.

In Fherswith the study of Karmic Natal Chartyou can foresee what the relationships with the siblings will be like and if there will be tests in that area.

For example, bringing inharmonious Saturn in the 3rd house is an indication that there may be conflicts with siblings during the current life.

Today in Good Karma, with our eyes on the sky and our feet on the ground, we are going to develop the main indicators of astrology in relation to the brothers.

Gemini: the twins

Already the name of this zodiac sign speaks of the twins, that is why the allusion to the brothers is inescapable.

As in other signs like Pisces, here there is a dualityin the other case there are two fish.

This duality is part of the work that must be done with the brothers, who can join from the center or remain at the extremes.

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The extremes are not harmful, the complex thing is to stay in them, which can cause going from one to the other.

Siblings are people with whom you have a very strong karmic bond., and despite the conflicts that may arise in this life with them. If they are there, it is because in past lives they have shared many good times together.

Having them as support in the different current experiences is very useful.

The planet Mercury, the terrestrial house where Gemini marks a cusp and the indicators on the sign indicate in a karmic birth chart the experiences that can be had with brothers, cousins ​​and very close friends who are often seen as just another brother.

With siblings, there is a strong karmic bond. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The inharmonies of Gemini

Some of the inharmonies of this sign are jealousy and envy.

Have you ever been jealous of your brother? Did you ever believe that your parents favored him in education and that you were in the background?

It is said that if jealousy is reflected in any area of ​​your life, even with a partner, it is because there is an unredeemed karma with the brothers.

Here you must calm the mind, not allow thoughts to take control, and understand the other from the heart.

Changing the look, someone can be jealous or envious of what one has, a situation that makes them uncomfortable and gives them the opportunity to learn not to do the same to others.

The brothers allow us to have experiences that otherwise could not occur.

karmic telescope

Next we are going to develop the main aspects that are going to be given about the sign of Gemini during this week.

Provides an energy for the moments in which it is needed seriousness and balance. It provides maturity, and this can be used to improve the relationship with siblings, as it occurs on the third decan of the sign of Gemini.

It is time to take the best of the past, to build a new future from the present.

The abstract mind and the concrete mind are in tune, both rational thought and imagination can arise this week and also work together hand in hand.

It’s a good time to any creative work.

Jupiter from Aries brings will, and Mercury precisely in the sign of which he is ruler, opens the possibility of working together with brothers within the family.

As a final reflection, beyond what can be interpreted from astrology, the bond between the brothers can only be understood by themselves.

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