Karol G's outfit for the show

Carol G he never disappoints his fans. The Colombian artist is in a great professional moment and shows her happiness on social networks. That’s where she has the most contact with her fans and she shares a bit of her day-to-day life. This Sunday, she made a post with one of the trending garments of the last time.

In addition to his talent in music, Carol G inspire with their outfits. She has a very identified urban image, but she combines it with clothes that could belong to another universe.

Karol G’s outfit for the show (Instagram/@karolg/)

For example, the last look you shared on Instagram: a body-corset. The singer used it in white and unbuttoned. She combined it with a low and wide cut jean, something that allows her to show off the openings of the body.

Carol G

Karol G (Instagram/@karolg/)

On his feet, he wore sports shoes, also white. To complete the outfit, Carol G He wore dark goggle-style sunglasses with green rims.

As for the hairstyle, Carol G She wore a semi-recode, sporting her waist-length hair. The posting was a complete success, like each one of his publications.

Carol G

Karol G (Instagram/@karolg/)

It has already exceeded 4 million likes and 39 thousand comments. Among those who leave congratulations, figures such as Mia Khalifa.

The success of Karol G’s latest song

The Colombian singer released “Provence” two weeks ago. With a feminist aesthetic, the video was made in that French coastal city that borders Italy. It already has more than 52 million views on YouTube and received almost no negative comments.

Carol G

Karol G (Instagram/karolg/)

“Baby, what else?” It’s the first sentence of the song and it’s what he wrote Carol in your last post. His fans manifest in social networks how this verse and the rhythm of this new theme stuck to them.

Karol G, one of the most nominated for the Latin American Music Awards 2022

Karol G, one of the most nominated for the Latin American Music Awards 2022 (Instagram/karolg/)

A comment on his video describes his musical present: “Achieving success in the urban genre has always been difficult for women, but there is no doubt that this girl came to make a place for herself, earn respect and break records”.

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