Keir Starmer's bet, entangled in a "Beergate"

“This story begins with a curry and ends with Keir Starmer’s political future being placed in the hands of the police.” The journalist of BBC Ros Atkins summarized in one sentence, Monday, May 9, the extent taken by a new case of festive gathering organized in the midst of health restrictions, across the Channel. One more.

But this time, no Boris Johnson on the horizon. The controversy concerns his number one opponent, the leader of Labour, the main opposition party in Westminster. “After being extremely critical with regard to of the Conservative Prime Minister and having repeatedly called for his resignation, Keir Starmer also finds himself accused of having had a beer in a closed room with colleagues”, notice sky news.

new elements

The event, baptized “Beergate” by the British press, dates from April 30, 2021. At the time, Labor and Conservatives were fighting over the constituency of Hartlepool, put back into play in the wake of the resignation of MP Mike Hill, accused of sexual harassment. “The Labor version is that after a day of campaigning in the North East of England, Starmer had a drink while sharing a takeaway curry with party mates, Explain The Guardian. Even though England was in lockdown, indoor gatherings were allowed at professional purposes’.” The next day, the tabloid The Sun even publishes a photo of the center-left deputy, bottle in hand. Without much effect.

“The case was not

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