Kenya distances itself from China
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After more than a decade spent favoring the development of its economic ties with China, is Kenya distancing itself? That’s what suggests the Kenyan daily Nation, who notes that the first gestures of the administration of the new president, William Ruto, show “a preference for closer diplomatic ties with Western nations”. Conversely, several decisions taken since the inauguration of William Ruto have irritated China, starting with the partial publication of a massive public contract revealing particularly unfavorable terms in Kenya.

Two months after coming to power, President Ruto has had “multiple economic exchanges with diplomats and Western leaders”raise it Nation. Invited to dinner by King Charles III on the sidelines of Elizabeth II’s funeral, then by Joe Biden on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, the new leader announced in early November that “Kenya was ready to do more trade deals with the United States”. He also received the Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Dr.r Zhou Pingjian, “but not as often as Western diplomats”, note it Nation.

A major contract with the United Kingdom

And while “China-linked companies have taken advantage of warm diplomatic relations between Beijing and Nairobi over the past decade to win major infrastructure projects”it is with the United Kingdom that Kenya has just signed a dam construction project, the second largest co

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