Kevin Spacey and Christopher Lambert can also play in the Hungarian film about the Tartar invasion

The film, made with the production support of the National Film Institute for HUF 1.26 billion, was published in the 13th century. It flies back to the 16th century, when Batu Khan, the grandson of the world-conquering Genghis Khan, the army of the steppe without his mercy, reached the walls of Esztergom. Before conquering Europe, he must sweep the Hungarian castle out of his way. Led by a handful of defending canons Eusebius and Spanish mercenary captain Simon, he is preparing for the final battle. They can’t count on help. Maybe the arrival of the papal legate and the Mongol Lunar New Year holiday will give the Hungarians a little respite …

We undertake the processing of a cinema of an event of Hungarian significance, but of world historical significance. It would have had unpredictable consequences if, at the end of the winter of 1242, Batu Khan did not turn his armies back from Esztergom, but continued to advance. In addition to exciting entertainment, our film encourages the viewer to think about the reasons for Batu Khan’s decision. We are proud that in addition to the entire creative and professional Hungarian staff, several well-known foreign actors and renowned international experts have said yes to the roles.

He admits 1242 At the gates of the West action-drama creative team.

The shooting of the historical film, based on the screenplay by Áron Horváth and Joan Lane, will take place in Hungarian locations in the autumn, including the Visegrád Citadel, the Cistercian Abbey of Bélapátfalva and the NFI Studio in Fót, scheduled for December 2023.

The 1242 At the gates of the West directed by Péter Soós, whose fiction works (Budapest Anno, Blessed State, Genius, the Alchemist), the best – known TV series such as In a line of firethe For Better or Worse and the Hacktion known as his director.

THE Kevin Spacey may also be starring in the film. They already have a contract signed with an American actor who is losing most of his job opportunities after his harassment scandals in 2017. Director Péter Soós told the newspaper that Spacey will play an Italian cardinal, the main villain in the film.

In addition, Christopher Lambert will most likely join the team, who will appear as an agg Hungarian crusader. No contract has been signed with him yet, but they are close to an agreement, as in the case of Eric Roberts and Terence Stamp, whose names appear on the film’s imdb profile (the former will play a character named Captain Ákos, and the latter will be the narrator). . According to the Index, Batu Khan may be played by a Mongolian actor.

Péter Soós, who will soon be traveling to Mongolia, is also proud that Kant Pan, who was nominated for an Oscar, will be the film’s editor. The Crying Game Greg Powell, a veteran stuntman and second unit director who has starred in Hollywood blockbusters such as James Bond, Mission Impossible, Bourne or Deadly Pace, will be responsible for the English film drama and action scenes.

The first Hungarian-Mongolian-English co-production is with the participation of the British Chelsea Pictures, the Mongolian Semoon Studio, Foresight Media, Lipsync, Mongolian Costumes and Galloping Entertainment, the lead producer is István Bodzsár and Kornél Sipos, the British co-producer is Bill Chamberlain.

(Cover image: Kevin Spacey attends the Sony premiere of Sony Pictures Baby Driver in London on June 21, 2017. Photo by Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images / Sony Pictures)

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