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The case of the psychologist who disappeared on June 7, in Chía, Cundinamarca, continues to cause consternation. Since she lost track of her, the course of the investigation changed because of the capture of Jonathan Torres, her brother-in-law and who would be the last person to see her.

The man, who is a partner of Pilar Pinzón, one of Adriana’s sisters, he has contradicted himself on several occasions; both in what he has stated to the Prosecutor’s Office and to the relatives of the 42-year-old professional. Therefore, he remains in custody and was charged with aggravated homicide and forced disappearance.

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The investigating entity announced that an acquaintance of Torres was key to reaching that point in the case, since he confessed that the alleged criminal asked him to keep the briefcase in which they were a couple of knives with blood, documents from the psychologist and other elements.

The suspect’s defense attorney, Jimmy Pepinosa, indicated that his client requested a period of 8 to 10 days to give a new statement and reveal the whereabouts of his sister-in-law. While that is happening, the forensic experts analyze the traces of blood found in Pinzón’s apartment and car, as well as the messages and calls from Torres’ devices.

Key call in the case of Adriana Pinzón, a missing psychologist

This week, the team of investigators from the Prosecutor’s Office is analyzing the messages on Torres’ cell phone and computer. The objective is to determine what information is hiding this former police officer, sniper and explosives expertabout the whereabouts of Pinzón.

While the investigations progress, it was learned what the main suspect spoke with a woman who, according to El Tiempo, would be his mother. The content of said communication represents a new clue of Torres’s participation in the case.

According to the newspaper, the aforementioned woman first greets him and then reproaches him for not being with Pilar Pinzón, his wife, while the case of her sister’s disappearance is being resolved: “What’s wrong with him? What’s on his mind? Why is he so irresponsible?”the woman angrily demands.

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Seconds later, that person, adds the newspaper, questions Torres and tells him that he is being the suspect of what happened: “Take responsibility. You are already very old, brother”.

That and other communications are being evaluated by the investigators, who are the same ones who tracked down the murder of the stylist Mauricio Leal, and his mother, Marleny Hernández.

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