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An electoral battle is being fought this Friday, November 18. This time it will have to do with a key body for the City: the Council of the Buenos Aires Magistracy, where the judges are sanctioned and removed. Is about three chairs for the quota of lawyers. Two of them will remain for the winner and one for the first minority.

Nearly 50,000 lawyers will be able to participate. Voting opens at 8 in the morning this Friday until 6:00 p.m. at the Public Bar Association, at Avenida Corrientes 1441, where tables with the two groups that are competing have already been seen.

On the one hand there is the list that heads Genevieve Ferrerowhich includes the support of the UCR –third on the ballot is Leandro Halperin linked to Martín Lousteau-, the PRO and Juntos por el Cambio in general, with 13 groups of unified lawyers. On that list are, by case, the lawyer Alejandro Fargosi for the trial jury and Javier Concepcion for counselor.

This ballot is also supported by the head of the Public Bar Association of Capital Federal, Ricardo Gil Lavedra, former Radical deputy and former Minister of Justice. This is the list 19 Unit in Defense of the Lawyer’s Profession.

On the other hand, there is Jorge Rizzo, who was in charge of the Public School four times. List 6 “People of Law” is presented as “apolitical” but on its payroll there are links with the Buenos Aires PJ and Kirchnerism. Rizzo is accompanied by Argentinian Figueroa. She is a lawyer who works at the national Ministry of Labor.

Fernando Muriel also appears on his ballot, a man from “People’s Lawyers”, who expressed his defense to Vice President Cristina Kirchner and went so far as to state that federal judge Julián Ercolini “He is the magistrate who was in charge of the Santa Cruz Road case, and who took the file to oral trial without evidence.” It was in his campaign for law graduates from the UBA. According to sources, he is very close to La Cámpora.

In addition, as a substitute is Jorge Martin Irigoyena radical lawyer.


For the Jury for the Trial of Magistrates are Adrian Famewho works with the Buenos Aires PJ, and Anabella Hers Cabralformer deputy of Together for Change.

The fight for the seats in the Council of the Buenos Aires Magistracy

In ideological terms, Rizzo has spoken out against the autonomy of the City and the transfer of criminal jurisdiction, while Ferrero, the current administrator of the Buenos Aires Judiciary, has campaigned for the exact opposite and promised that the Federal Capital will have “the same judicial competences as the provinces”.

“They are two antagonistic models”, summarizes a lawyer before PROFILE who knows both lists. Rizzo’s ballot was a conglomerate of lawyers but with an agreement with Kirchnerism while Ferrero’s case has the support of all the branches of Together for Change and added Fargosi ​​to the ballot, who has already joined the Judicial Council national. On that ballot there is a surprise for those who know the history of the organization: as the first substitute is Karina Leguizamón, today in charge of the Childhood area of ​​the City and the wife of the late Enzo Pagani, who was president of the Council and currently bears his name. one of the most important halls of the organism.

For his part, Rizzo, who is also a journalist and a fan of Independiente, stated in a video on social networks: “We are much and many more than them” and said that his ballot is “independent” of the political parties.


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