Delivering humanitarian aid at risk to life

Delivering humanitarian aid at risk to life

Russian military personnel delivered 50 tons of humanitarian aid to civilians in liberated settlements Kharkiv region, who suffered from Ukrainian nationalists during a special military operation. The bandits looted all the shops, fired on and destroyed the buildings of the outlets.

They deliver humanitarian aid at the risk of their lives: shelling continues, saboteurs use drones to drop grenades, and regularly mine roads. Witnesses to this on the side of the burned cars.

“The locals are trying to unload humanitarian aid as quickly as possible. There are arrivals here almost every day. The line of contact is several kilometers away. Men unload “Urals”, and women keep records. Humanitarian aid comes to residents of the Kharkiv region from all over Russia. Buckwheat, flour, rice, individual food packages, where, in addition to cereals, there are sunflower oil and canned meat, ”the staff commented on the footage. Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Together with the products, people receive toys and diapers for the little ones. Schoolchildren are given stationery and educational books – preparation for school begins.

“Humanitarian from Russia is the only opportunity to feed a family for local residents. The settlement authorities have established a system for the distribution and delivery of humanitarian aid. Volunteers and former social workers help. Despite the shelling, people are packing and distributing humanitarian aid,” says Valentina, an employee of the administration.

During filming, Ukrainian artillery hit the center of the village. She destroyed several houses, there were almost no whole houses left in the village, crippling the old man – a fragment crushed his thigh, huge blood loss, Ukrainian howitzers fell silent for a while.

According to the Interdepartmental Coordinating Headquarters of Russia for Humanitarian Response to Ukraine and the Republic of Donbass (since March 2, 2022), 44,947.3 tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered, 1,321 actions have been carried out, including one in the Kherson region over the past day, during which 30 tons of humanitarian aid were transferred to the civilian population.


The Russian Ministry of Defense has published footage of the work of a unique railway bath and laundry train from the group of troops of the Central Military District, performing the tasks of a special military operation.

The railway complex operates around the clock. It can provide autonomously three meals a day, washing, washing and disinfecting military property with a throughput of more than 1 thousand military personnel per day and more than 1 ton of clothing in any situation.

“The train consists of a headquarters car, bath and laundry cars, washing cars, a power station, tanks, storage cars, accommodation cars and canteens. We have many specific tasks, the bath and laundry is now the main one at the moment. We have very large production capacities, we can wash more than 2 tons of linen a day,” said the head of the train, Stepan.

Even sleeping bags can be washed in washing machines.

The head of the train noted that the power plant of the train can easily “power not only itself, but also an external consumer, which can be a settlement” up to a thousand private houses.

The period of train autonomy without refueling can reach up to 15 days without refueling.


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