The conclusion of an agreement would allow a reduction in the prices of products

Ukraine said on Wednesday that no concrete progress had been made on the issue of grain blocked in its ports following the Russian invasion, after Ankara’s optimistic statements.

“No concrete agreement has been concluded so far on the organization of negotiations with Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN,” said Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for Ukrainian diplomacy, on Twitter.

“Consultations are ongoing,” added Nikolenko.

Previously, the Turkish Defense Minister had announced the holding “in the coming weeks” in Turkey of a quadripartite meeting with representatives of the United Nations, Russia and Ukraine.

Ankara welcomed a “first concrete advance” on this dossier after discussions between the Turkish and Russian delegations in Moscow.

“A few hours after a long meeting, the Turkish freighter [Azov Concord]which had been waiting for several days, has left” Mariupol, indicated the Turkish minister in a statement, when millions of tons of cereals cannot currently be exported due to the blockade of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, according to Kiev.

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