Transnistria coat of arms

The General Staff of Ukraine’s armed forces on Sunday warned of what it described as “preparations for imminent combat” by armed groups and Russian troops in Transnistria, a breakaway territory in neighboring Moldova.

The forces concentrated in that territory are “in full preparation” for combat, according to a statement from the General Staff, released by the Unian information portal.

Ukrainian authorities have been warning for weeks of a possible extension of the conflict towards that pro-Russian breakaway region of Moldova.

‘drone’ attacks [aparelhos aéreos não tripulados] unidentified were reported in Transnistria.

The situation in Transnistria began to get tense in late April, after a series of shootings and explosions in government buildings and infrastructure, which separatist authorities say came from Ukrainian territory.

Kiev said it was a “false flag” operation by Russia to blame Ukraine for the attacks, in addition to preparations to launch an offensive, while Russia described these incidents as an attempt to drag Ukraine into armed conflict in Ukraine.

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