The Ukrainian President again urged the West to send "faster (...) more weapons"

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that Kiev had received “about 10% of the weapons” requested from Western countries to fight Russian forces on the ground, especially in the eastern Donbass region.

“Of the weapons we need, we receive about 10%,” said Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maliar, speaking to Ukrainian television.

“No matter the efforts made by Ukraine, no matter how professional our army is. Without the help of western partners, we will not be able to win this war,” he added.

The official also defended that “clear deadlines must be defined [de entrega]”, because “every day of delay is another day against the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and the people”.

“We can’t wait too long, because the situation is very difficult”, underlined Anna Maliar, referring in particular to the Donbass, in eastern Ukraine, where Moscow has been progressing little by little over the last few weeks, and is now practically in control of the region. from Lugansk.

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