Magno Lopes dos Santos, in a photo forwarded by his brother-in-law, Miguel.  (Photo: Personal archive)
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Magno received death threats from the fatal victim and ended up shooting her this morning

Magno Lopes dos Santos, in a photo forwarded by his brother-in-law, Miguel. (Photo: Personal archive)

Magno Lopes dos Santos, 27, who murdered Rafael Freitas Silva, 29, in Jardim Leblon late this morning, claims self-defense and claims through a family member that he will surrender to the police, in the presence of his lawyer, within 48 hours. Brother-in-law of the alleged author, Miguel Ramires, 27, sought the Campo Grande News to give Magno’s version of the case.

“The truth is that Magno ran away from him (Rafael)”, says his brother-in-law. There would already be police reports from Magno against Rafael for death threats, which began after the author started dating the victim’s ex. They were childhood friends. “That’s true. They had known each other since they were children”, said Miguel.

Afraid that Rafael would make good on his threats, Magno removed his license and started carrying a gun. Working as an app driver, the author arrived today at his girlfriend’s house, with whom he has a son, to leave a lunch box. Rafael, who also has a son with her, arrived in another car to leave the child with the mother and the two ended up meeting.

Magno, in turn, according to Miguel, would have left so as not to have to deal with Rafael, who followed the perpetrator to the side street, Tamoios, where the crime took place. “He (Rafael) had already said that he was going to pick up Magno and when he got out of the car to try to talk to Magno, Magno tried to leave with the car, but the car drowned and Rafael put his hand on his waist the whole time, as if he were going to draw a weapon”, says his brother-in-law.

Because of this, Magno feared that Rafael was armed because “he put his hand on his waist and went at him”. At that, the author started shooting and “in the heat, he didn’t even think about shooting just to neutralize Rafael, he was really defending himself. Either he shot or he would die”, alleges Miguel.

He also claims that his brother-in-law did not carry out an execution and was not even in ambush waiting for Rafael. “He (Magno) is good. No tickets. Legal carrying of weapons ”, he defends.

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