Kilometers of pursuit through no less than five municipalities ends with a crash: “Shots were also fired”
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A pursuit of a suspicious fleeing vehicle that started in Rotselaar ended in Mechelen on Thursday evening. Teams from three police zones chased the fleeing driver. “Shots were also fired when the suspect tried to hit a colleague.”

The police of the BRT zone (Begijnendijk-Rotselaar-Tremelo) carried out a control action on Thursday evening. “Our colleagues noticed suspicious behaviour. When they wanted to check the vehicle, it fled,” says Dirk Van de Sande, spokesperson for the Mechelen-Willebroek police.

What followed was a mile-long chase. On the Leuvensesteenweg in the direction of Mechelen, the suspect tried to drive the police off the road. “An intervention vehicle was also rammed.”

In the meantime, the police zones of Haacht-Boortmeerbeek-Keerbergen and Mechelen-Willebroek were also informed. The pursuit continued on the territory of Boortmeerbeek and Rijmenam (Bonheiden).

Collision against bridge pier

Teams of the latter corps had set up a barrier at the intersection of Rijmenamse and Bonheidensteenweg. “The fleeing vehicle was still able to slip through there. A colleague had to jump away. Two other colleagues then fired shots,” explains Van de Sande.

The pursuit continued towards the village center of Muizen (Mechelen). Via Sint-Lambertuslaan and Hanswijk de Bercht it went towards Mechelen. There, the suspect eventually lost control of the wheel and crashed into a bridge pillar. “The suspect was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Further investigation will have to determine why the driver fled,” said the spokesperson.

That investigation is being conducted by the Bodukap police. Police officers were not injured in the intervention.

Sven Van Haezendonck

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