Kim Jong-un sent a message to America: They will pay dearly for this!

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to South Korea after her visit to Taiwan, where she discussed the US program to denuclearize North Korea in the Common Security Area with her South Korean counterpart, Kim Jin-pyo. At the meeting, they pledged to support North Korea’s deterrence and issued a joint statement in which both sides expressed concern over North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats.

According to the representative of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jo Jong Sam, the visit of the American speaker clearly shows hostility on the part of the United States towards their country, writes the ABC News.

Pelosi, rightly criticized by China for destroying regional peace and stability with her visit to Taiwan, also stirred the atmosphere of confrontation with North Korea during her stay in South Korea

Kim Jong-un’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in the statement.

North Korea called the US president the biggest ruin to international peace and stability.

It would be a huge mistake on his part to think he could get away with this and leave the Korean Peninsula unscathed.

– announced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They then added that the United States would have to pay dearly for the trouble the Speaker had caused with his visit.

Nancy Pelosi started her Asia tour at the beginning of August, during which she also visited Taiwan. China previously threatened to retaliate if the president of the US House of Representatives visits the island, so Nancy Pelosi arrived with an increased military escort.

The visit also prompted China to summon the US ambassador to Beijing and begin military exercises that will continue until noon on Sunday. As part of this, they also used live ammunition and fired rockets over Taiwan. The Taipei authorities according to on Friday, 68 aircraft and 13 warships violated the center line. Taiwan responded by firing warning shots, activating its land-based missile systems, and patrolling the air and sea.

China, which considers Taiwan, which has had independent political leadership since 1949, to be part of its own, referred to Pelosi’s trip as a betrayal.

(Cover photo: Kim Jong-un. Photo KCNA / Reuters)

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