Kioshi will organize a field day in the Salado basin
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During the meeting, various specialists will speak about the challenges presented by the current soybean and corn campaign. The premise is to achieve the highest possible performance in an extremely adverse context from the climatic point of view. In addition, it will be possible to analyze different management strategies for both crops with a field demonstration of the application of the products of the line Mist.

The Ing. Agr. Francisco Larraburu, Kioshi Stone commercial technical adviser, assured in dialogue with Ambit that it is the second day that is going to be carried out in the demonstrative field. The specialist highlighted that “it is a very representative plot of the area, with its half hills, low sweet and low saline, so the idea is to show different scenarios and include our technology in agricultural plans. We believe that in the future pastures will be included in this project.”


According to Larraburu, the idea of ​​the day is to show the rehearsals that were carried out during the year in the wheat crop, using different fertilization strategies both in seeds and in soil and foliar fertilizers and from there analyze some situations where there are soil limitations, such as white mud or excess sodium.

The Ing. Agr. Juan Martín Doll, technical adviser at Kioshi Stone, will refer to the impact of fertilization on the wheat crop. He will show some plots treated with conventional fertilizers and Kioshi products and compare them with other plots that did not receive treatment.

Agr. Engineer will also participate. (Dr.) Ezequiel García Stepien, from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the National University of Lomas de Zamora, who will give a talk about possible strategies for generating better yields in dry years with the cultivation of corn. This theme will undoubtedly be one of the most attractive since there are producers who sowed at an early date and the crops were completely decimated due to lack of water.

Finally, there will be a presentation on pest management in late plantings where Agr. Ing. msc. Néstor Urretabizcaya, from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the National University of Lomas de Zamora, will deepen the care of the soybean crop with respect to bugs and in the case of corn he will do so with respect to the fall armyworm.

It is worth remembering that the convening company is a pioneer in the use of nanotechnology for fertilization in Argentina and has been working for several years to correct the soil problems that arise, associated with sodium and salinity. Based on this correction, Kioshi seeks to improve soils and increase crop yields.

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