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“Victory for the Hungarians!” – with this exclamation, Klára Dobrev reported that on Thursday in the European Parliament, a resolution “which prevents Orbán’s corruption” was adopted by a large majority, and with which “we managed to protect the EU funds belonging to the Hungarians”. He wrote: they will not assist you to

let Orbán’s oligarchs continue to get rich from EU funds at the expense of Hungarians.

According to them, only joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office is a sure guarantee that the money will go to the right places.

But what is this decision about?

In the post, Klára Dobrev did not explain what exactly was in the decision, but Csaba Molnár, the shadow chancellery minister and executive vice-president of the DK, did this for her at an online press conference. The politician said that the European Parliament declared in the DK decision that

Orbán’s system is not a rule of law, the essence of the system is corruption.

We previously reported that many members of the European Parliament consider the Hungarian government’s anti-corruption measures to be insufficient. For this reason, the European Parliament made the following request to the EU decision-makers in its decision: do not approve EU financial support for Hungary until it becomes clear that the anti-corruption measures are adequate.

DK: we prevented corruption

According to MTI, the decision also evaluated the Hungarian recovery plan, which was also accepted by the European Commission on Wednesday.

According to the statement issued by the DK, Csaba Molnár called the steps taken by the Orbán government in recent months to gain access to EU subsidies as sham measures and “empty shaming”, and also said that the EP’s decision “prevents” “systemic corruption”.

According to Gyula Budai, he is a Bulgarian agent

Fidesz member of parliament Gyula Budai responded to Klára Dobrev’s post in a comment, who wrote: “Klára Dobrev considers it a victory that the DK voted against Hungary in the European Parliament!”, then – referring to Klára Dobrev’s father, who was accused of a secret service past – he also added:

Of course, what else can be expected from a Bulgarian agent!

(Cover photo: Klára Dobrev. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)