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As we previously reported, on November 22, the day of Hungarian public education, national events will again be held at the initiative of parents, students and teachers.

In recent weeks, there have already been numerous live chains, flashmobs, protests, demonstrations, and torchlight processions in the capital and in the countryside, and today it is the turn of a new element, a so-called With teddy bear consultation is expanding.

As part of the campaign, the organizers asked parents, students and teachers to bring as many teddy bears or other stuffed animals as possible to Kossuth Square, symbolizing that the current situation is the most dangerous for children.

The future of our children is at stake! Teachers are directly threatened, and our children (the future of the country) indirectly are threatened by the withered, dysfunctional public education system. They don’t have a nursery teacher, teacher, specialist teacher, remedial and developmental pedagogue! Fluctuation is so high, so many people leave the teaching profession, that the children do not have the opportunity to have a lasting, trusting relationship with their teachers, no real communities are formed

– reads the statement issued by the parents, in which they add that the school psychologists are already sounding the alarm because the children in the institution do not receive enough security and love.

The protesters want their demands to be realized as soon as possible, their requests are as follows:

  • Public dialogue, authentic information!
  • Respect for the teachers!
  • Real right to strike!
  • Responsible Ministry of Education!
  • Less burden for the student and the teacher!
  • Opportunity-creating, quality education!
  • Competitive and stable salary!
  • 21st century environment!
  • Professional freedom, modern core curriculum, free choice of textbooks!

The Index previously dealt with the above nine points in detail, in our article on the subject
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On the occasion of the Day of Hungarian Public Education, those who want change are also taking action in the countryside, organized by the newly formed local foundation organization of the Adom Student Movement in Miskolc demonstration before the Miskolc Education District. There will also be one in Cegléd event from 5 p.m. “due to the untenable situation of education”. And on November 26, Saturday, it will be again on a large scale demonstration will take place in Budapest, on Kossuth Square, where the organizers will hold a “real national consultation” on the state of education.

(Cover photo: Zöld Fanni / Index)