The new offensive launched yesterday by the captain and his generals against the TSE, to create more confusion and tarnish the electoral process, with private audits and questions about the security of electronic voting machines, gives me the impression that we are discussing fire prevention measures in a house that is already on fire.

As I wrote in the previous column, the theocratic-militia coup is already in full swing, in broad daylight, and it is just not known whether it will be consummated before or after the polls open, depending on the scenario drawn by the electoral polls.

One thing is certain: Bolsonaro and the military have already made it clear that they do not admit to leaving power for anything in the world. The popular vote for them is just a detail.

To show that they are not kidding, the president appeared on Thursday’s live alongside General Augusto Heleno, the powerful head of the Institutional Security Office (GSI), now invested in the role of commander of palace operations against the TSE, already wearing that vest that photographers wear when covering wars.

By announcing and justifying the hiring of an external author by the PL, his new party in this election, to ensure the victory of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Bolsonaro decided to go straight to debauchery:

“Since polls say that Mr Lula has 40%, Lula will win, I want to guarantee Lula’s election with this process here. No one needs to campaign for Lula, no”, referring to TSE and STF decisions that reached their supporters.

One can imagine the salseiro that will happen, if they decide to do the same, the more than 30 parties that will contest the general elections, each one with its private audit to contest the TSE’s investigation and judicialize the process.

The results would not be released until many months after October or, who knows, we will never know who won the elections. At this time, the Armed Forces would be called in to put order in the room.

With much irony and cynicism, the captain said that he just wants to collaborate with the Electoral Justice: “It is time for the TSE to show the world, from this company that will carry out the audit, that we have the most reliable system in the world in terms of elections”.

But what he really wants to prove, “as far as elections are concerned”, is that the system is unaudible and therefore subject to fraud. And he threatened: “The TSE could be in a difficult situation”.

As if it had been previously agreed, shortly before the live, the Minister of Defense, General Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, gave another subpoena to the TSE to disclose the answers to the 88 questions presented by the military about the security of the polls.

In the letter sent to the president of the TSE, Minister Edson Fachin, the general states that the request was made “given the impossibility of seeing the meeting requested by this minister to Your Excellency come to fruition”, which is not true.

Nogueira has already been received by Fachin twice and, on Wednesday, made a new request for a hearing for the same day, as if the minister had nothing else to do.

It’s all out of time and out of place. Since when is it the role of the Armed Forces to interfere in this way in the electoral process, sending charges, suggestions and proposals so that “the possibility of fraud is reduced as much as possible”, as the president said in the live.

Where does all this concern come from, if there has never been any fraud in elections since the implementation of electronic voting machines in 1994?

“Some say I want to coup. How do I want to coup if I’m already the president?”, asked Bolsonaro on the live, candidly. For this is the problem: Bolsonaro wants to remain president, at any price, with support in uniform, regardless of the election result.

What is being discussed at the moment in the country is exactly the possibility of a self-coup, in case of defeat, as the vice president, General Hamilton Mourão, came to speculate during the 2018 election campaign, just in passing, in an interview with GloboNews.

Meanwhile, with the country on fire everywhere, we continued to discuss fire prevention measures at meetings between representatives of the Three Powers, a theater that was repeated this week to distract the distinguished audience, increasingly frightened by the fast pace of events. .

Life goes on.

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